World 1 is the first world that appears in Super Mario 3D World.


World 1 is mainly a grassy level located in the Sprixie Kingdom which is traditional to the series. This world is green based on the green Sprixie Princess. Chargin' Chucks can be seen on the map as well.


Toad Houses

There are two Toad Houses located in this world. One of them is obvious and appears on the first half of the map. As will all Red Toad Houses, the players must choose between two boxes. One will have a single Power-up while the other will have as many as four. The second Toad House is located in a large hedge on the second half of the map. Upon closer inspection, you can tell that there is an entrance in the hedge. When the players enter the hedge they instantly enter the Toad House.


  • World 2: When World 1 is completed normally, the players gain access to World 2
  • World 5: If the players locate the secret warp pipe in 1-2, they will gain access to World 5
  • World Star: Once the game has been completed normally (Meowser has been defeated) then players will notice the Sprixies around a large rock. When they interact with them, they will turn it into a rocket. This will take the players to World Star.