World 1-Fortress is the first fortress of World 1 from New Super Mario Bros. 2. It has multiple dry enemies and Snake Blocks. The boss of this level (like in all of the other fortresses in New Super Mario Bros. 2) is Reznor. This boss fight with Reznor is the easiest, with it starting with no pits, and only two Reznors. This is also the first level with a secret exit, which leads to World 1-Cannon.


The level begins with a stone cogs, allowing the player to reach the platform with a Dry Bones and two ? Blocks, one of which contains a power-up. Another cog allows the player to reach a platform, leading to another cog and a moving platform that acts as a lift. Following the cog, there are more platforms with Dry Bones. Another moving platform and a cog follow, along with a Red Ring. The Checkpoint Flag is then found. A group of four cogs must be climbed, and a group of Dry Bones on platforms is found at the top. One more cog is found, allowing the boss door to be reached.

Reznor is the boss of the tower. Reznor attacks by charging at the player, and is defeated after being jumped on three times.

Star Coins

Secret Exit

World 1-Fortress is the first level in New Super Mario Bros. 2 with a secret exit. The secret exit leads to a 1-UP Mushroom House and World 1-Cannon. In order to get the secret exit, after the Checkpoint, go into the door. This will lead you to a room with Snake Blocks and Bone Goombas. To get the secret exit, you have to go to the right of this room, so once the Snake Blocks aren't covering the right side, go in. This will lead you to the secret exit.