World 1-4 is a hilly level in World 1 and is the fifth level in New Super Mario Bros. It is the level that introduces the Mini Mushroom.


At the beginning of the level, Mario will be faced with some Goombas. Then he must go up a hill, where there is a green Koopa Troopa. Then there will be a Question Block and a few Brick Blocks. A Koopa Troopa will walk over the blocks towards Mario. After this, there are two more Question Blocks, and a green Koopa Paratroopa. There is a tiny Warp Pipe to the left, which Mario can enter if he is Mini Mario. If Mario enters the tiny pipe, then he will find himself in an underground room filled with water. Mario can dash around this water, collecting coins, and the first Star Coin is also here. When Mario exits the room, he will leave using a normal-sized pipe near the pipe he entered it with. Then there will be a Warp Pipe which Goombas exit continually. After this, there are several Brick Blocks, Question Blocks and a red Koopa Troopa. There are many Brick Blocks just past this, and if Mario Ground Pounds on one of them, he will be able to enter an underground room with the second Star Coin in it. There is also a P-Switch in this area, which Mario can use to get the Star Coin. When he presses the switch, all coins will turn into blocks and vice-versa, meaning that Mario can jump on the blocks to reach the coin. If Mario doesn't do that, he will be attacked by Goombas, who are exiting out of a red pipe. The third Star Coin is just past that, and it can be reached by sliding. In the area after the third and final Star Coin, Mario will exit if he chose to get the second Star Coin. Goombas will then come out of a yellow pipe and attack Mario just before the end of the level. Mario will then jump off the yellow pipe and slide down the flagpole.

Star Coins

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