World 1-3 is the third level of World 1 in Super Mario Bros. and its remakes Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.


Following the small ground area is a giant tree that will help the player reach two more trees, which have a Koopa Troopa and three coins. Up ahead are three more trees, with the higher one featuring two Little Goombas walking on it. A shorter treetop can be reached from the third and taller treetop. There will also be a platform that will allow the player to reach the top of a tall tree featuring four coins. The only ? Block in this level is located underneath this tree, and it contains a power-up. Following this is a Koopa Paratroopa and another tree with a Little Goomba.

SMB World 1-3 NES 2

Coins, a lift, and a Koopa Troopa.

Next up are two platforms moving horizontally, with coins placed above them. The player will then come across two trees, the first one being small and of medium width, the other being wide and tall with a Koopa Troopa strolling along it. Next is a short tree with three coins with a Koopa Paratroopa above it. What follows are two similar trees that will lead to a platform, which can be used to leap onto the stone platform before the flagpole.

Challenges in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, there are five Red Coins and a hidden Yoshi Egg to collect. The player will also obtain a medal based on their score. The target score for this level is 24000.

Red Coin locations

  • Red Coin #1 is located on the first platform with the red Koopa Troopa.
  • Red Coin #2 is located at the bottom of the first lift.
  • Red Coin #3 is located over the second moving lift.
  • Red Coin #4 is located on the platform with a Koopa Paratroopa flying above it.
  • Red Coin #5 is located at the bottom of the stone stairs before the flagpole.

Yoshi Egg location

The Yoshi Egg is found inside a Hidden Block sitting just above the platform found right after the third moving lift.

Level map


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