World 1-2 is the second level of Super Mario 3D Land.


World 1-2 is the first underground level in the game, and it features several enemies featured in underground levels of the original Super Mario Bros. games. The level sports large chasms, spiked balls, different types of Piranha Plants, and the Fire Flower item. The level begins simply with a falling Mario who then proceeds past various traps involving moving platforms and spiked balls hung from the ceiling. After walking past a Piranha that shoots out ink (ink that temporarily covers on the top screen of the players' Nintendo DS), Mario finds his way to the Checkpoint rather easily. From there, Mario can obtain a Power Star and blow right through the final spiked balls and Piranha Plants at the end of this level. The end of this path contains a torch that, if lit, will make coins appear. There is also a warp pipe that will take Mario to the Flagpole. Don't go in the warp pipe and there is a secret exit, go above the warp pipe with the Tanooki Suit you will find a warp pipe, and it will send you to World 2.

Star Coin

Star Coin 1: While on the rotation platform, Mario or Luigi can grab the Star Coin or let the platform rotate themselves toward the star coin.

Star Coin 2: After the Checkpoint, There is a star coin above a moving platform, since nothing is guarding the platform, it can be easy to grab, but there is an inky piranha plant.

Star Coin 3: When on the bridge with the two spike ball and the two inky piranha plants, the third and last star coin is located above the first inky piranha plant when on the sequence of the bridge.


Enemies that appeared in World 1-2:

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