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World 1-1 is the first level of World 1 in, and subsequently of, Super Mario 3D Land.


The level begins with Mario rushing into action to save his beloved Princess Peach. The level contains a basic and beginner's feel to it, having weaker enemies, a basic layout, and easy-to-obtain collectibles. There are two rivers at the very beginning, and a few jumps have to be made to traverse to the other side. On the other side, and up the hill, Mario finds the Checkpoint of the level. Following some moving coins, Mario finds himself in a building filled with brick blocks and a Goomba. After breaking a block, a gear appears, and by using the newly acquired Tanooki Suit, Mario can use this gear to rise onto the top of the building. Atop the building, he can float down and obtain a few coins. There is a pair of binoculars he can use to see a distant Toad by the Flagpole of the level. Along the road to the flag pole, a large Goomba appears and battles Mario, and after that, Mario finds himself at the goal of the level.

Star Coins

At the second bridge which is broken, the player has to head South to find the first Star Coin which can be found above the tight rope.

At the area around the Checkpoint, the player has to climb the first tree to find note blocks. The player then has to use the note blocks to find some more platforms, along with a pipe. When the player goes inside the pipe, they have get to the eye platform to locate the second Star Coin.

To get this star coin, the player has to go on the colored platform route after the binoculars. The player has on the tight rope and jump on the center area of the tight rope to reach the last star coin.


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