Woody Woods is a board that appears in Mario Party 3.


Woody Woods takes place in a forest that is filled with trees, lakes, and various creatures that can be found around the board map. The board is filled with various Mario series critters including Wigglers, Piranha Plants, and rabbits. The character will be able to travel through the woods and interact with the various forest creatures. The characters will come across several conjunctions that contain sign posts in front of them. The signs will have a large arrow on them pointing into one direction. When a character reaches one of these conjunctions, they will be forced to follow the direction the sign is pointing. The signs will change directions every turn. The characters can switch the directions of the signs by either making a visit to the Monty Mole Hut, or by landing on one of the happening spaces in front of the signs. The characters will also be able to visit Woody if they land on one of the three happening spaces in front of it. Woody will reward the player for visiting it by having them choose a prize. They can also visit Mean Woody at the top of the board, who acts the complete opposite of woody.

Notable Characters and Events

  • Sign Post - At three conjunctions on the board, there are signs that are pointing towards a certain path. If a character reaches on these conjunctions, then they must travel towards the path the arrow is pointing towards. The direction the arrow points towards changes every turn.
  • Monty Mole Hut - Scattered around the board are various huts owned by Monty Mole. If a character pays Monty Mole five coins, then he will change the direction of the signs that lasts until the end of the turn.

? Spaces

  • Sign Converter - In front of each conjunction, there will be a happening space. If a character lands on one of these happening space, then Monty Mole will jump out of the whole and change the direction of the sign.
  • Woody - When a character lands on one of the three happening spaces in front of Woody, then they will have a chance to visit him. Woody will then reward the character with a prize, which is either a five coin bonus or an extra Dice Block. The characters must choose their prize by moving towards the one they desire. If they do not collect a prize, Woody will give them a coin bonus.
  • Mean Woody - Mean Woody will act the complete opposite of Woody. The prizes it will reward the characters is either a five coin deduction or an extra Dice Block that is similar to the Reverse Mushroom. If a character does not choose a prize, then Mean Woody will steal coins from them.
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