Woody is a tree that appears in various Mario Party games. Woody debuted in Mario Party 2 as the host of Mini-game Mode. The player can purchase mini-games and different modes from Woody in this game. There are also different colored Woody's that appear as a host for the different type of mini-games.

Woody reappears again in Mario Party 3 as a non-playable character in Woody Woods. Woody appears near a set of happening spaces. When a player lands on one of the happening spaces in front of the tree, Woody will offer the character two presents. One present contains a five coin bonus while the other present contains another dice block. If the player does not choose a present, then Woody would give them five coins. Woody also appears in the mini-game Picking Panic. In this mini-game, the players will swing from the branches of Woody and toss cherries to their teammate to collect. Woody also makes a cameo on the Mario Party 6 board map Towering Treetop. Woody can be found at the top of the tree only during the daytime. When a player lands on one of the adjoining happening spaces in front of Woody, they will be showered with coins from the brances of Woody.

Woody has an evil version of itself called Mean Woody, which acts the exact opposite of it. Whereas Woody is charitable and helps the player out, Mean Woody is greedy and always causes harm to the players. It is unknown whether Woody and Mean Woody are related in any way.

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