Wise Wisterwood is a character in Paper Mario.


Wise Wisterwood is a large tree with large eyes right above the door that acts as his mouth.


Wise Wisterwood is a very wise and kind tree who watches over Flower Fields.


Wise Wisterwood plays a major role in Chapter 6 of Paper Mario. He acts as the "doorway" from Flower Fields to Toad Town. As soon Mario enters Flower Fields, Wise Wisterwood greets him and tells Mario that Flower Fields is in danger due to it being taken over by Huff N. Puff. He further explains that the dark clouds have blocked off the Sun and Flower Fields is in danger of dying out. Mario agrees to help out and a grateful Wise Wisterwood explains to Mario that he must get up to Cloudy Climb and defeat Huff N. Puff to free Flower Fields. To do that, Mario must get three items: the Magical Bean, the Fertile Soil, and the Miracle Water. However, he must also somehow stop the dark clouds from producing to get the Sun to come out again and help grow the beanstalk.

Once Mario has gathered the three items and bought back the Sun after destroying the Puff Puff Machine, Wise Wisterwood congratulates Mario for a job well done but says it isn't over yet as Mario must grow the beanstalk and get up onto Cloudy Climb to fight Huff N. Puff. After Mario defeats Huff N. Puff and frees the next Star Spirit, a pleased Wise Wisterwood thanks Mario and allows him to come back to Flower Fields any time he wants.


  • Wise Wisterwood may be a parody of Whispy Woods who appears in the Kirby series.