Wisdurm X is the third boss faced by Mario and Luigi in The Gauntlet in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


She is an alternate and stronger version of Wisdurm, the colors were different to the normal Wisdurm. She has two alternative forms, small Durmite and big Durmite.

The view of her large size, she has a neon green face and back, purple tummy and legs, and melon orange bow, lips and tail; however, the Magic Rod wasn't recolored.

The view of her small size, she has deep purple face and back, lavender tummy and bow, and hot pink lips and tail.


In the third battle, you have 18 turns to attack.

In the battle, small Wisdurm will start throwing her meter to the air just like her previous battle. Different to her counterpart, she doesn't shrink back into a small Durmite, unless her Magic Rod is targeted.


Name Battle by Level HP Power Defence Speed XP Coins Item Drop(s)
(large) Mario & Luigi 26 2380 156 127 0 None
(small) 114 62
Magic Rod 78 52