The Winkle Colosseum is an area that appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It is home to the race known as Winkles and is where a piece of Beanstar is found. It also is known for the mini-game, Chuckola Bounce. The Winkle Colosseum is located on the far west side of Chucklehuck Woods and can be accessed after knocking away the Heavy Troopa with the Firebrand dash technique.


Mario and Luigi head to the Winkle Colosseum to get the next piece of Beanstar. However, the area is blocked off and the two must win Chuckola Bounce first before being able to enter. They succeed and head further in. However, Popple is seen alone and gets the Beanstar piece. He is soon boxed in by Mario and Luigi and is forced to fight them by himself. Mario and Luigi easily defeat Popple and earn the next Beanstar piece.

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