Wingo is the main antagonist in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. He is seen taking Power Star from Captain Toad and Toadette. He flies away with the Power Star and Toadette, thus kidnapping her, and then Captain Toad has to defeat Wingo to save Toadette.

Later, Captain Toad manages to reach Wingo's Watchtower. Wingo is just waiting for Captain Toad and then starts the battle. During the battle, Wingo accidentally eats a giant veggie and it weighs down Wingo which he falls down and explodes while Toadette is save..for now since Wingo's cry is heard when the credits end.

Later, Captain Toad and Toadette find another star but Wingo ambushes them and captures Captain Toad for revenge for defeating him, leaving Toadette on her own. Toadette gets in Wingo's tower in good timing since that Wingo had flied away in order to get more treasure. Toadette rescues Captain Toad but suddenly Wingo appears and snatches Toadette. Wingo then blows Captain Toad off of his tower.

After Captain Toad manages to get a Power Star after waking up of a cave, Wingo swoops down and snatches still with Toadette and flies away while laughing at Captain Toad. Later, Toadette manages to escape by tickling Wingo's feet thus making him lose his grasp on Toadette but later he captures her again. Captain Toad reaches Wingo's tower and battles with him one final time and defeats him. Wingo is last seen standing at his tower, fat and bruised after his battle with Captain Toad trying to get flying again.

Wingo's turban greatly bears the Cape Feather.


  • Magical Ball Teleport: Wingo can transform in a ball and teleport to various locations.
  • Gust Blitz: Wingo can also use his wings to create strong winds that can push Captain Toad.
  • Veggie Toss: Wingo can use his tuban to drop veggies to crush Captain Toad however if Captain Toad dodge the veggies they will be stuck on the ground meaning they can be pulled and be tossed at Wingo.
  • Thunder Clacking: Wingo can use his power to summon thunder and strike down at Captain Toad. In order to dodge it, Captain Toad must watch the pink light that appears when the thunder will strike down.
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