The Wild Glide Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a jungle-themed galaxy and boasts a river. This galaxy introduces Fluzzard.


Fluzzard's First Flight

Mario must fly on Fluzzard and enter the huge sun circle in order to earn the Power Star. If Mario goes through all 5 gates, he earns the Comet Medal. If Mario hits a wall, he will fall off Fluzzard and have to start the race over again.

Jungle Fluzzard Race

After getting a letter from Jibberjay, Mario must race a couple of Jibberjays, and after a Black Jibberjay says he is not a leader, he gives Mario the Power Star. If Mario does not come in first, he will lose a life.

Green Star 1

The first green star is located near a hole with the river going into it.

Green Star 2

The second and final green star is located at the mountain top near the end of the course.


  • Despite the Fluzzard theme being the main theme for Fluzzard, it only plays in this galaxy.