The Wii was the fifth major home console developed by Nintendo. The main difference between the Wii and other Nintendo Consoles is the wireless controller, known as the Wii Remote, which is used to connect the players movements and the character's movements together.

The Wii, being a seventh-generation console, competes with other seventh-generation consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Since the release of Wii, the system has outsold other consoles in this generation. Nintendo later produced an alternative color of black. A second alternative and very rare color, red, was released in 2010, and bundled with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Also the Wii allowed backwards compatibility with GameCube games.


Wii Remote

The Wii Remote, unofficially called the Wiimote, is the main controller used with the Wii. The Wii Remote is rectangular in shape and resembles a TV remote. It contains eight buttons and a directional pad as well. Unlike previous console controllers, the Wii Remote includes a power button that has the ability to turn the console on without pressing the power button on the hardware.

Wii Wheel

Wii Wheel

The Wii Wheel.

The Wii Wheel is an accessory for the Wii designed for Mario Kart Wii. The Wii Wheel was not included with the Wii, but was included in the packaging of Mario Kart Wii. The Wii Wheel is used so that players can controller their racer with more ease and precision. A single Wii Wheel is sold with the game, and additional Wii Wheels must be purchases separately.


The Nunchuck is an add-on for the Wii Remote which is included in the original packaging. It features an analog stick, similar to controllers for other consoles. It has two buttons on the back, the Z and the C buttons.

Wii Mini

The Wii Mini is an updated version of the Wii console. It is much cheaper than the regular Wii. However, the system is not compatible with Nintendo GameCube games.

Mario Games released on the Wii



  • Even after the Wii U and some models in the Nintendo 3DS family were discontinued in some parts of the world and the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite (the successor to the Switch and Wii U), Wii games are still being made.



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