Wiggler Segments are enemies that appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Wiggler Segments look pretty similar to full Wigglers in terms of color. They also appear to even act on their own without the head present.


Mario fights several Wigger Segments in the game and they usually run off into different locations. In battle, Wiggler Segments attack mainly by spinning into Mario. They also have a habit to dodge many of Mario's Stickers. One is even fought alongside other enemies. After a Wiggler Segment is defeat, it will temporary join Mario's side until he returns it to the Wiggler at Wiggler's Tree House. Wiggler Segments have an HP of 16 and an attack of 4.


  • Wiggler Segments are the only enemies in Paper Mario: Sticker Star to have their own battle theme.
  • If you manage to get the Tree Stump before saving the first two Wiggler Segments, Kersti will pop out and tell you to find the first Wiggler Segment before collecting the Comet Piece. This can be done with the first and second Wiggler Segments by leaving them hiding in Strike Lake and Rustle Burrow respectively and collecting the Comet Pieces without them and then going and collecting the Tree Stumps in Loop Loop River and Tree Branch Trail.
    • If you try to take the third Wiggler Segment into Holey Thicket by using the Bowling Ball in Strike Lake, the Wiggler Segment will get in the way of the ball and knock it off course preventing access to the Comet Piece. This alongside the pointer mentioned above were probably made so you can't have more than one Wiggler Segment at a time.
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