Wiggler Floodlands is a level located in the Soda Jungle in New Super Luigi U.


The level starts in a jungle, next to a Mega Wiggler that must be jumped on to reach the next platform. Rising Poisoned Water is found in the area. A Mega ? Block is found, along with two more Mega Wigglers. A Red Ring is found, followed by a group of three Mega Wigglers. A Koopa Troopa is found, along with another Mega Wiggler. Luigi must then enter a Warp Pipe to access the next area. A Mega Wiggler leads Luigi to the next platform, where a Koopa Troopa, a Mega Wiggler, and a Mega ? Block containing either a Super Mushroom or a Super Acorn depending on the player's form are found. The next platform contains three Koopa Troopas, another Mega Wiggler, and another Mega ? Block. Two more Mega Wigglers are found, allowing Luigi to reach another Warp Pipe. Going through the pipe leads to a Mega Block and the Goal Pole.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Wait for the third Mega Wiggler to pass by and jump on it to get the coin.
  • Star Coin 2: Jump on the first Koopa and roll the shell on the yellow pipe and break the blocks leading to the coin.
  • Star Coin 3: Jump on the third-to-last Mega Wiggler to get the coin and jump on it again to reach the platform.

Hidden Luigi image

After going through the second yellow pipe, move left to a hidden alcove to see Super Luigi from Super Mario Bros.