Wiggle Room is Ashley's microgame in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.


The player must release the hoop and spin the Wii Remote, otherwise wiggle their hips with the Wii Remote in "The Big Cheese" form. If the player drops the hoop, they lose in the microgame.

  • Level 1: A standard hula hoop is spun.
  • Level 2: A doughnut is spun.
  • Level 3: A tire is spun.

WarioWare: Gold

In WarioWare: Gold, the microgame returns as Dr. Crygor's microgame in the Twist League. The character smiles unlike in its original game. In the 3rd level difficulty, the red pepper-shaped creature with green pants is spinning. there is a chance of a character that is a red pepper-shaped creature with realistic eyes and mouth.


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