The Whomp King is a boss who made his debut in Super Mario 64. He is gigantic Whomp that acts as the king of Whomp's Fortress and rules over the Whomps, Thwomps and Pushy Walls that make up a faction of the Koopa Troop. He has aided Bowser in his schemes to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom in order to get his revenge on everyone who ever mistreated his subjects despite their hard work in building the land's castles, houses and roads.


Super Mario 64


Whomp King fighting Mario in Super Mario 64.

In his first appearance in Super Mario 64, the Whomp King is a large crown-less Whomp who aided Bowser in the takeover of Princess Peach's Castle. He was in-charge of guarding the Power Star in Whomp's Fortress.

Mario Party 3

In Mario Party 3, Whomp King appears in Creepy Cavern and blocks the player's path, and he will only move if the player gives him an item, such as a Poison Mushroom.

Super Mario 64 DS

In the remake of Super Mario 64, Whomp King returns again however his appearance has been updated as he now sports a gold crown and has a more modern Whomp design. Other than this, he is still exactly the same as in the original game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2


Whomp King lays in defeat

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Whomp King returns once again aiding Bowser in his universal conquest. He acts as the boss of the Throwback Galaxy, which is a remake of Whomp's Fortress. In this appearance he is far larger than his previous incarnations and he has gained some new powers, such as summoning miniature Whomps and creating shockwaves. His dialogue in this game is the same as in the previous ones, however when he is defeated he slams his fist against the ground and yells "Dang It!". Also, if the player is defeated and returns to battle the king, the king has a diffrent line, saying he's tired of this speech. Also, this is his first game to make a different appearance in his galaxy.

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