Whiteout Valley is the fifth level of World 4 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Whiteout Valley appears to take place during the morning as the skies are brighter. 


After taking a brief rest, Mario finally makes his way into Whiteout Valley. He eventually meets a Toad who agrees to Mario ride the ski lift. Mario's pleasant ride to the top is quickly interrupted by Ice Bros. and Fuzzies. Mario dodges and defeats each of the baddies until he finally reaches the top and grabs the Comet Piece allowing him to finish the level.


  • Shiny Hammer
  • Shiny Line Jump
  • Shiny Jump
  • Shiny Ice Flower
  • Shiny Hopslipper


Mario can go back to The Engimansion after clearing this level to talk to the mansion owner who will give him a HP-Heart.

Luigi can also be found in this level. While Mario is riding the chair lifts, Luigi can be eventually seen in the background. Mario must Paperize him out of the background.