White Clubbas are enemies in Paper Mario.

Differences between Clubbas

These lighter versions of the simple Clubba from Tubba Blubba's Castle, are much more dangerous to come by. They posses much more attack power than their previous counterpart, as well as hold a large amount of Hit Points. White Clubbas, in contrast to their original counterparts, are also much less lazy, and stay quick on the draw in case of any intruders walk by. Mario can't bypass these enemies in the overworld, simply by walking slowly. However, since these White Clubbas have been succumbed to their native winter state, they have grown to be at a disadvantage to fire-based attacks.

Battle Statistics

White Clubba's Stats (Paper Mario)
Max HP 12
Attack 6 (5 when hitting three times)
Defense 0
  • Swing Club.
  • Swing Club three times.