"They should call you Dr. Mario!"
― The whale to Mario, referencing the game series

The Whale is a character that only appears in the game Paper Mario. The whale is found at the Toad Town port.


Before Chapter 5, Kolorado tells Mario that he wants to travel to the faraway island off the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom, however; he cannot get a boat to do so. However, all he finds at the dock is some sort of creature in the water. Mario nears the creature and finds out that it is a whale by Spin Jumping on it, walking it up.

While awake, the whale tells Mario that there's something inside of him and he wants it out. Mario enters the whale through its mouth and finds Fuzzipede inside. The two battle inside of the whale briefly, and upon its defeat, Mario and Fuzzipede are launched out of the whale. Saved, the whale takes Mario, Kolorado, and the rest of Mario's party to Lavalava Island.

Inside the whale

The inside of the whale has two rooms. The first room is the tongue of the whale and is a very small room. The second room is a larger room down into the whale's body that is filled with water, fish, boxes, and bottles. Here, Mario finds Fuzzipede and the two battle inside this room. While inside of the whale, Watt is needed as the paths inside are dark. Even during the battle with Fuzzipede, it is dark, making Fuzzipede the only enemy in the game Goombario cannot use "Tattle" on.