"Whack-OW! Don't hit me!"
― Whacka, Paper Mario

Whackas are a unique species of creatures to the Paper Mario series. They are going extinct likely due to the many occasions of people whacking Whackas upon sight.


Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, Mario finds one of these guys on Mt. Rugged. While scaling the mountain, he finds this creature hidden behind a yellow block. Each time Mario hits him, he obtains a Whacka Bump. This item is extremely useful, but if Mario hits Whacka too many times, he will die, making it impossible to obtain more of these delicacies for the remainder of the game.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door adds the Whacka characters much later on. Rather than appearing in chapter 2 like in Paper Mario, Whacka appears in chapter 5 in this game. He is found on the western beach of Keelhaul Key, at the northern end of the beach. The same rules apply to taking the Whacka Bumps from Whacka.

Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario adds a small characteristic to Whacka, the bumps are a little weaker, meaning he isn't as effective of a source of health like in the last games. Like in the previous game, Whacka appears in chapter 5. This means he appears in the Land of the Cragnons. He is found during the first half of the chapter. The bump that's obtained in this game can also be cooked, and make a special recipe, unlike in the two previous games. After Whacka has disappeared, Norite will stand in his place and wonder why her friend Whacka has left, and where he could have gone off to.

Game data

Paper Mario

He's a Whacka. When you hit Whackas, they get Bumps that fall off. I heard that they're yummy.
You know, I'm not normally into hitting Whackas, but once I heard of their tasty Bumps... I got the urge to whack 'em!

Super Paper Mario

Catch Card: "This odd guy sprouts pastries when whacked on the head. Sadly, his kind is on the verge of extinction. Please headwhack in moderation."

Tippi's tattle: "That's Whacka... It's rare to see one... It's delicate and easily harmed... Don't hit it or stomp on it..."