Westside Goods is a shop in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


In the shop, Mario can purchase some pretty great, but beginner items. This shop is owned by Don Pianta and his gang. The shop is actually a front for his 'organization'. This place is run by Peeka Boo who will perform the regular tasks of a shopkeeper in the game.

During the game, Mario has to go here in order to obtain the Blimp Ticket and Train Ticket . First, to meet Don Pianta, Mario must find the secret code to entering the Don's headquarters. Mario must first buy a Dried Shroom, then a Dizzy Dial. Once these items are purchased, Mario must correctly answer a color related question. Afterward, Mario gets access to the Don.

Shop Inventory

This item sells some great items for beginners, but the shop isn't accessible until Chapter 3. The shop is located in the western side of Rogueport, on the far left. This shop sells the following items:


  • This is one of the two shops in the game where Mario is required to go to. The other is the Toad Bros. Bazaar.
  • This is one of the best places to go for shop points. Mario can buy then sell Dried Shrooms here, losing one coin each time. However, this is not a shop that gets a Double Point Sale.
  • Westside Goods is actually a front for the Rogueport Mob led by Don Pianta.
  • This shop sells the cheapest item purchasable from a shop. That item is Dried Shroom for two coins.


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