Western Land is a western themed board map that appears in Mario Party 2.


Western Land is located in a desert-type area rhat contains a western-style town. The whole board map is surrounded by a giant set of train tracks that circumvents the outer-layer of the board. In the center of the board, there are numerous shops and farm animals that the characters can interact with. There are numerous train stations that can be found around the board that drops characters off if they are forced to ride the train. Steamer, the train that runs on the tracks, transports the characters to one these train stations if they land on one of the Happening Spaces. The characters can also visit the Milk shop located at the top of the board that charges twenty coins to throw a party.

Notable Characters and Events

  • Steamer - If a character visits one of the three train stations on the board map, they will be offered to ride Steamer for a fee. They will then hit a dice block that contains a picture of Toad and Goomba. If the player obtains a Toad, then Steamer will proceed forward on the track. However, if the player obtains a Goomba, Steamer will proceed backwards on the track. Any character remaining on the track while Steamer is running will be sent back to the start.
  • Wiggler's Milk House - Wiggler's Milk House is located at the top of the board. Wiggler will offer to throw a party for a fee of twenty coins. If the character accepts her proposal, all the other remaining characters will be summoned in front of the Milk House and be forced to remain there after the party, thus losing their position on the board.

Happening Spaces

  • Steamer - There are numerous Happening Spaces scattered around the board map. If a character steps on one of the Happening Spaces, Steamer will proceed one train station forward, sending any character in his path back to the start.