Watt is one of Mario's partners that appears in the game Paper Mario. She is the sixth partner to join Mario's team and joins him in Shy Guy's Toy Box.



Watt was first seen where she was the source of light found in the lamp of the Big Lantern Ghost. She thanks Mario after he defeats the Lantern Ghost and joins the party, being the sixth member. She specializes in electrical attacks which ignore any forms of defense and spiked enemies. Despite her young age (note the pacifier), she punches well above her weight and age, proving to be an extremely valuable ally to Mario in many battles and boss battles. And for many players, Watt may be one of the most potent party members.


Power and abilities

Watt's main attack, Electro Dash, is able to penetrate most enemies' defenses, making her reliable for a consistent damage output. Her Power Shock and Mega Shock attacks are used to paralyze enemies and stop them from attacking. She can also boost Mario's attack power by one point temporarily with the Turbo Charge move.

Watt's main field ability is that she can illuminate dark areas while Mario is holding her. In addition to dark areas, Watt can also reveal hidden blocks that must be jumped under in order to make it visible.


Image Name Rank Effects FP Used
Electro Dash.png Electro Dash Normal Rank Attacks an enemy for damage; pierces defense. 0
Power Shock.png Power Shock Normal Rank May paralyze a single enemy. 2
Turbo Charge.png Turbo Charge Super Rank Raises Mario's attack power by 1 for up to 4 turns. 3
MegaShock.png Mega Shock Ultra Rank May paralyze all enemies on the screen. 5


  • Despite being referred to as a female in the story of Paper Mario, Watt is referred to as a male in the descriptions of her Super Rank and Ultra Rank upgrades when Mario activates a Super Block. In Super Paper Mario Watt is also referred to as a male in her catch card.
  • Watt is the only partner in Paper Mario that is required to have for a boss fight. She is needed for the fight with Fuzzipede as the area inside the Whale must be lit.
  • Watt's name is reference on a watt of electricity.
  • On Nintendo Switch Online, the North American version of Paper Mario will seem to crash 100% of the time with Watt as your active partner, deleting players' save data. This glitch has not been fixed as of yet.