A Water Shooter[1] is a type of cannon that appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Despite their name, they do not shoot a spray of water, and actually spray bubbles.


Super Mario Galaxy

They first appear in this game. The bubbles can trap Mario or Luigi. They can be either helps, or hindrances. They can either transport Mario or Luigi to unreachable places, or leading them to a trap. Using a spin move can free the player from these bubbles.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

They appear in Space Storm Galaxy's second mission, remaining unchanged from their first appearance. They can be slowed down with a Ground-Pound Switch. They also appear in Starshine Beach Galaxy and Honeyhop Galaxy.


  1. "Who left those Water Shooters on?! Hey, would you give that valve over there a twist and turn them off?" - A Gearmo's dialogue from Super Mario Galaxy