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Water's Edge Way is the third level of World 1 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is known as World 1-3.


Water's Edge Way, like the previous level, is mainly a grassland level. However, this level is more closer to the mountains making this level seem a little darker than the last two. Water also plays a big role here.


After breezing through the gardens, Mario and Kersti end up in Water's Edge Way. Mario battles through enemies until same toad who ran into him in Warm Fuzzy Plains runs into him again, creasing him once more. The Toad gives Mario his third Album Page. It turns out that the Toad was being chased (again) but by Kamek this time. Kamek brings two Goombas into the battle with him. Mario quickly defeats the group using his Battle Spinner tactic and halts Kamek's chase. However, Kamek refuses to let Mario win without consequences and Paperizes the Comet Piece. After taunting Mario and Kersti, he throws it out of reach. Mario finds his progress to be impeded by the amount of water everywhere, and has to find a way to remove it first. Mario eventually finds a water faucet which he turns it three times causing a giant Bowser head to stop pouring water and the Comet Piece to fall down. After getting the Comet Piece, Mario goes all the way back to where he fought Kamek and Paperizes the area allowing him to place the Comet Piece in the ground and finish the level.



  • Faucet
  • Bed


  • Falling down one of the hole which previously held water leads Mario to a room with a few puddles of water on the floor, and a Secret Door. Using his hammer, Mario can find a Shiny Mushroom under one of the puddles. The Secret Door leads to a room with the Bed and 35 coins.


  • After using or selling the sticker variant of the Faucet, it reappears in this level. Consequently it will refill the level with water. However, if Mario purchases it from the Thing Shop in Decalburg, it will not. If the Faucet is already at this level before Mario purchases it, then it will disappear.

Secret Exit

The first Secret Exit in this game is located in this level. After getting the Comet Piece, Mario must drop off the north side of the bridge in front of the waterfall and he will land in a secret room. This path will lead straight to the fifth level: Whammino Mountain.