Water's Edge Way is the third level of World 1 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is known as World 1-3.


Water's Edge Way, like the previous level, is mainly a grassland level. However, this level is more closer to the mountains making this level seem a little darker than the last two. Water also plays a big role here.


After breezing through the gardens, Mario and Kersti end up in Water's Edge Way. Mario battles through enemies until he meets up with a Toad who gives him his third Album Page. It turns out that the Toad was being chased by Kamek (along with two Goombas in battle). Mario quickly defeats the group using his Battle Spinner tactic and halts Kamek's chase. However, Kamek Paperizes the area sending the Comet Piece out of reach. Mario eventually finds a water faucet which he turns it three times causing a giant Bowser head to stop pouring water and the Comet Piece to fall down. After getting the Comet Piece, Mario goes all the way back to where he fought Kamek and Paperizes the area allowing him to place the Comet Piece in the ground and finish the level.


Thing Stickers

Secret Exit

The first Secret Exit in this game is located in this level. After getting the Comet Piece, Mario must drop off the north side of the bridge in front of the waterfall and he will land in a secret room. This path will lead straight to the fifth level: Whammino Mountain.

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