Mean Woody is the evil version of Woody who first appears in the game Mario Party 3 on the board Woody Woods. He also appears on the board Towering Treetop in Mario Party 6 when it is night time.


Mario Party 3

In this game, Mean Woody can be found at the highest point of Woody Woods (near Boo). Any player unfortunate enough to land on one of the happening spaces near him will lose either 5 coins or must head in the reverse direction.

Mario Party 6

Mean Woody can only be found at Towering Treetop during night time. Landing on one of the happening spaces causes him to drop spinies on the player causing him/her to lose coins.


  • It should be noted that in Mario Party 3, Mean Woody and Woody are separate characters but in Mario Party 6, they appear to be the same character.
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