"The Warm Fuzzy Plains sure do make a sticker feel warm and fuzzy."

Warm Fuzzy Plains is the first official level in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is known as World 1-1 in this game.


Warm Fuzzy Plains is mainly a grassy area that is always brightened with sunlight. It also has rounded, different colored mountains in the background.


Mario and Kersti head into Warm Fuzzy Plains to begin the adventure of recollecting the Royal Stickers. As they venture along they read signs that gives them useful information for battles. They find several toads walking around, looking for stickers to collect. Once they reach a bridge, a Toad sprints into Mario, creasing himself and dropping an interesting looking sticker. The Toad panicks and runs away. Upon closer inspection, Mario realises that the sticker is larger and shinier than any he had seen before. Mario soon finds himself confronted by his old rival, Bowser Jr., right after getting the Thing Sticker. Bowser Jr. wants Mario's newly acquired Sticker and they get into a fight. Bowser Jr. always heals himself after every turn but thanks to the Scissors, Mario instantly defeats Bowser Jr. Angered, after accusing Mario of cheating, Bowser Jr. ends the battle. He shouts "Narglebargle" and turns the bridge into a balled-up piece of paper before throwing it up onto a high ledge. Unable to proceed, Mario backtracks to the start of the level. He encounters the same toad who ran into him and enlists the aid of him and his friends, who form a stairway to the location that the crumpled up bridge is. Now that they recovered the bridge, Kertsi teaches Mario how to Paperize. With this newfound technique, Mario is able to fix the bridge and press on forward. He soon encounters the same three Goombas who he encountered in Decalburg. After informing Mario that Bowser upgraded them and they seek revenge, they turned into Paper-Cone Goombas. After beating them again, Mario grabs the Comet Piece, and finishes the level.


Thing Stickers




  • Regular stickers can be paperized to upgrade them in two locations. The trunk directly after the bridge, and the ring of flowers immediately in the next area.
  • Several Hills open to reveal coins. One of said hill contains a pair of scissors (not in sticker form).
  • In the Secret Door, there is a Thumbtack (not in sticker form).


  • Warm Fuzzy Plains is a pun of the phrase "warm and fuzzy feeling."
  • It is possible to encounter the three Goombas at the end of the level directly, by walking behind the bush they would exit from. This causes them to become surprised, but will still initiate the battle regardless.