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Wario: Master of Disguise (Japanese: 怪盗ワリオ・ザ・セブン Kaitō Wario za Sebun) is a platform game developed by Suzak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. It was released on November 27, 2007 in North America and was the first Wario platformer game since Wario World on the Nintendo GameCube back in 2003.


Wario sits back in his house, watching television. He accidentally stumbles across a television show with Count Cannoli. He then travels to different worlds and attempts to find the Wishstone. During his adventures, he will encounter many hostile enemies that attempt to stop him from obtaining the treasure.

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The gameplay of Wario: Master of Disguise makes heavy use of the main controls and the stylus. This is especially for this game's main gimmick: the disguises. Each disguise in the game has it's own unique drawing pattern that must be drawn in order to use that certain disguise. Most of the disguises' abilities can be activated by simply touching Wario with the stylus.

Standard controls

  • +Control Pad left: Move left
  • A Button / +Control Pad right: Move right
  • Y Button: Move left or right (depending on which direction Wario is facing)
  • B Button / +Control Pad down: Crouch
  • X Button / +Control Pad up: Jump
  • Stylus: Enter in desired command to change Wario's disguise

Special controls