Wario's Battle Canyon is Wario's board in Mario Party which as its name states it is a canyon and has five sections on this board. Each section has a cannon that can be activated by talking to the either the Red Bob-ombs or Black Bob-ombs or landing on a happening space.


Stars will appear on a section of the canyon. After the Star is bought from that section it will move to another section and vice versa. When the Star Space appear at Bowser's section of the canyon, which is the middle section, you will need luck to get to the Star. The only way to get to the star is by going to Fly Guy's section, which is the upper-right section of the canyon. If you land on a space close to him, you'll be able to talking to him. Fly Guy would do you 4 favors: Go to Bowser, Bring Someone Over Here, View Map, or Never Mind. Choose Go to Bowser and Fly Guy will fly you to Bowser's section. This is the part where you'll have to be lucky, the roulette will appear to choose the space you're going to land on. Hit the A Button to stop the roulette and if the roulette stops on a space close to the Star, you're in luck.


If you visit Bowser, he would ask you to try out his cannon. He would tell the player to turn around and then he use his claws to launch the player to a random area.


After becoming a Superstar, all the Stars everyone collected with collide into a huge Star. The huge Star will then jump into a cannon. The cannon fire the huge Star into the sky and the Star would turn into fireworks, which ended the war and the Bob-ombs made a truce. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place people would watch the fireworks and the truce between the Bob-ombs. The 4th place person would get shot out of Bowser's cannon (which is the only time it would fire).