Waluigi's Island is the final game board from Mario Party 3, and Waluigi's first board in the Mario Party series. It is obtainable for Free-play only after the Story Mode has been completed. It is quite large and has traps awaiting everywhere.

Notable Features

This board is an island full of traps and bombs. A bomb (named Waluigi's Big Blast) is set to five blue and ? Spaces that are synced together at the bottom-center of the board. If a player lands on a ? space in this ring, the number on the bomb goes down. If the number hits zero at any point of the game, the bomb will explode and all the players on the bomb ring will lose all of their coins. Exiting this island requires timing a jump into the junction at the center, which, when activated, rotates between four possible directions — including the point of entry (which forces the player to remain in the ring if chosen).

Another part is in the northeastern sector of the map, there are two paths to choose. Only one of the two paths will lead further and the other will lead back to start. This is the only way to get the Boo spot on this level, unfortunately.

A third notable spot on this board is a long barge located along the west side of the map. Here, the 17 spaces, other than the bank, change their type into different space types on every turn. One such change could be Bowser to Chance Time! It is only accessible via one of two bridges that can be swapped by ? Spaces found aside them.


  • One major tip for this board is that the player should always carry a Bowser Phone whenever they're playing at Waluigi's Island. That way, whenever they get caught in the explosion of Waluigi's Big Blast and lose all of their coins, they can call up Bowser anytime and he'll give the player 20 or more coins.
  • Waluigi's Island is the only board in Mario Party 3 that is named and designed after a character.
  • This is the 8th Mario Party board to be named after a character.