This page contains MarioWiki's guide for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

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The following walkthrough has been written by ZeoSpark


The story begins with Princess Toadstool once again getting captured by Bowser. Mario exits from his house and makes chase to Bowser's Keep.

Bowser's Keep

Mario enters the castle and the player takes control of Mario for the first time. The only enemies present are Terrapins and Mario's HP heals fully every time he defeats one making it the great place to gain Experience Points. After fighting four Terrapins, Mario heads through the door and eventually enters the throne room where he spots Toadstool up on the chandeliers. However, Bowser confronts Mario before he can get any closer to her.

Boss: Bowser

Although Bowser can be damaged in this battle, he has infinite HP and shouldn't be attacked directly. Instead, only aim for the Krinklink that keeps Bowser's chandelier held up. After attack it a few more times Krinklink will let go of the chandelier and Bowser falls along with it ending the battle.

After defeating Bowser, Mario attempts to get to Toadstool but Bowser attacks Mario's Krinklink with hammers causing his chandelier to fall off. However, Mario jumps off of Bowser and heads back up to where Toadstool is. Toadstool is eager to get back home but suddenly, a large sword crashes into Bowser's Keep causing everyone to get sent flying in different directions. Mario is sent flying back into his house.

Mario's Pad

Mario lands directly into his house and Toad appears telling him to get moving. You must try and head back to Bowser's Keep but the large sword named Exor tells you that it is taken over by the Smithy Gang and destroys the bridge that Mario is on. Mario is forced to look over Bowser's Keep from Vista Hill before heading back home. Mario tells Toad this and Toad says that Mario should head for the Mushroom Kingdom by going though Mushroom Way first.

Mushroom Way

Mario officially starts his adventure by treading though Mushroom Way. Here, he meets up with the classic enemies including Goombas and Paratroopas. Along the way, Toad will keep getting captured by enemies and it's optional to rescue him or not. However, it is recommended to save Toad both times as he will give you an award. At one point, you'll run into Toad again and is captured by Hammer Bro.s. This starts another boss fight.

Boss: Hammer Bro. (x2)

Despite being outnumbered, this boss fight is rather easy. You must simply have Mario use his Jump technique and time the hit right to damage the Hammer Bro. The Hammer Bros will attack by using Hammer Time which can deal moderate damage but not so much that a Mushroom could fully heal. After one Hammer Bro. is defeated, the other one will use Valor Up to raise his defense. However, this isn't much of a difference and simply have Mario keep using Jump to defeat the last Hammer Bro.

After the battle, Mario is awarded with his first weapon, the Hammer, and heads into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom

You have arrived into the Mushroom Kingdom and your first objective is to head into the castle. Then, head into the main room with the Chancellor and Mario will put on a demonstration on what happened to Toadstool. Afterwards, the Chancellor will trust Mario to bring back Princess Toadstool and he leaves. However, you can go into the basement for some rewards before leaving the castle. After leaving the castle, you can see a strange, cloud person chasing a crocodile person around. The cloud person is named Mallow who has his Frog Coin stolen by Croco. Croco escapes and Mallow starts crying bring a heavy rainfall upon Mushroom Kingdom. Mallow calms down after seeing Mario and Mario agrees to help him out. Note that as of now, Mario no longer fight alones in battle and now has an ally beside him. Afterwards, you must now head to Bandit's Way where Croco has fled to.

Bandit's Way

As soon you arrive at Bandit's Way, Croco can be seen but he quickly runs away. Bandit's Way is a perfect place to level up due to it having a fair amount of enemies in the area. You must head down further collecting any rewards until you reach a large area with Croco. However, Croco will flee everytime he spots you. The trick to this is to sneak up behind him and when his back is facing the opposite way, you must run at him. You must do this a total of three times before he finally decides to fight you.

Boss: Croco

Unlike the past boss, Croco is a little more difficult opponent due to his high HP and attack power. The good news is that Croco can only attack one character at a time meaning Mallow can use his HP Rain technique to greatly heal either himself or Mario. Although he has no direct weakness, if Croco's tail is burned, he won't be able to attack on the next turn. This makes Mario's Fire Orb the best move to use here but he can only learn it through leveling up. Mallow's attacks may not do much though his Thunderbolt move may cause some damage to Croco. Eventually, Croco will be defeated earning Mario's team a fair amount of coins and experience points.

After Croco is defeated, he will drop Mallow's Frog Coin and a Wallet. There is nothing else to do now so use the escape spring and head back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom (Revisited)

Mario and Mallow arrive back at the Mushroom Kingdom but notice something wrong. Bouncing Shy Guys known as Shysters are overrunning the city. This is actually a great chance to gain experience points by defeating all of the Shysters in the area. Afterwards, you must head into the castle. However, before going into the main room, head downstairs to find a young Toad being chased by Shysters. Defeat the Shysters and the Toad wants to go into the room with everyone else. Head upstairs and defeat another horde of Shysters. Take note that Shysters are weak to Thunder attacks meaning, at the level point, Mallow's Thunderbolt should take them all out in one hit. You now end up in a room with a Save Block and a resting bed. After healing up, head through the hallway fighting through more Shysters and into the main room where you'll find Mack, one of the members of the Smithy Gang. He doesn't like the intruders and gets into a fight.

Boss: Mack (with four Shysters)

Mack can be a toughie if you haven't leveled up enough. Mack is aided in battle by four Shysters but they can be easily taken out by Mallow's Thunderbolt in one hit. Since Mack's main element is fire, Mario's Fire Orb won't work on him so he should stick to Jump. Mack's strongest attack is Flame Wall which can attack both Mario and Mallow. However, if at a high enough level, this attack shouldn't do more than 10 points of damage. Just sticking with Jump and Thunderbolt will eventually bring down Mack.

After defeating Mack, the Chancellor comes out of hiding and notices a strange Star Piece. Mario picks it up and earns the first Star Piece. Mario doesn't know about it but Mallow recommends visiting Frofucius at Tadpole Pond. However, in order to get to Tadpole Pond, one must head through Kero Sewers first which is the next destination.

Kero Sewers

You arrive in Kero Sewers where it appears to be an underground sewage system. This area is similar to a maze so follow carefully. First, save at the Save Block then head down the warp pipe into the next room. Use another Warp Pipe to head into another area. Take note as you go along, it is recommended to battle the enemies to gain experience points and level up Mario and Mallow. At one point, you'll find a chest enemy named Chester. This enemy can hit hard but is weak to Jump attacks. By leveling up, Mario should already learned Super Jump and is able to take down the Chester in a few turns earning a Flower Jar. Next, head into another wrap pipe and you'll end up in a room with four Rat Finks dancing around. Hit the nearby chest to gain a Starman and take them and other enemies out. If you're lucky, you'll be able to level up quickly from this. Next, head back to the room where a Rat Fink is standing still and head down the warp pipe. Then, drain the water and you'll be able to use another secret Warp Pipe. After saving, you'll encounter a large dog boss named Belome starting another boss battle.

Boss: Belome

Belome isn't that tough of a foe but he'll tend to eat Mallow making it a one-on-one fight with Mario. However, Mario can simply attack Belome enough to make him spit Mallow back out. It should be noted that Belome is weak to Thunder meaning Mallow's Thunderbolt should do some damage to him. The only trouble with Belome is that he can use a move called S'crow Bell that can turn either Mario or Mallow into scarecrows. However, they'll still be able to use special attacks. Mario should stick to Super Jump while Mallow uses Thunderbolt until Belome calls it quits. However, he leaves one last message saying that the flood will wipe Mario and Mallow away.

After Belome disappears, a switch that Belome was sitting on activates and the nearby door opens. Mallow wonders if what Belome said about a flood was true and suddenly, he and Mario are washed away by a huge amount of water. They get pushed down into Midas River.

Midas River

Midas River, unlike the past levels, is more of a "mini-game level" rather than a true one. You'll be controlling Mario and your task is to collect as many coins as you can. The first part of Midas River involves swimming down a waterfall and you can press the A button fast to have Mario swim up and collect coins. There are also rare Frog Coins in the level which will come in handy. After clearing through the first part, you'll be taken to the second part which involves riding on barrels. Now, you must jump on barrels and collect coins as they float above. Take note that not jumping to the next barrel changes Mario's course to the second area. Cheep Cheeps tend to jump over the barrels but it doesn't happen to commonly. After clearing through that area, Mario will arrive at the exit and the Toad hosting the game will talley up his coins and see if it's enough to exchange for Frog Coins. The Toad will hang onto any remaining coins until you return to the event. After that, save at the nearby Save Block and head into Tadpole Pond.

Tadpole Pond

As soon you enter Tadpole Pole, Mario and Mallow are greeted by tadpoles. Soon, Frogfucis himself appears to be "flying" which is really just a Lakitu carrying him over and tells Mario and Mallow to meet him at his place. The tadpoles form a bridge and you must jump over them to reach Frogfucis' place. As you get there, Frogfucis tells a rather tragic story that Mallow isn't a frog and says that his real parents is out there. Frogfucis is depressed but Mallow is willing to go with Mario to find his real parents. Before you leave, make sure you give Frogfucis the Cricket Pie to snap him out of his depressed state and he'll give you Mallow's first weapon: the Froggiestick. This is helpful as it raises Mallow's attack so equip it right away. Then, leave Tadpole Pond and the next course is set for Rose Way.

Rose Way

Rose Way is a rather short stage and mainly involves moving on floating blocks. There are many Starslaps in the area but they tend to sleep rather than fight. Starslaps aren't that aggressive in battle and their physical attack is rather weak so battling them for experience is a good idea. Bowser with his Koopa Troop can be spotted here but Mario and Mallow are out of view from them. Just keep heading on the floating blocks until you reach Rose Town.

Rose Town

As soon you enter Rose Town, you notice something is wrong. Strange arrows are being fired in this town and as they hit the citizens, they become immoblized. Don't worry if an arrow hits you has Mario is only stunned for a few seconds. Head into the Inn and you'll notice a young Toad named Gaz playing with dolls of Mario, Peach, Bowser, and a strange blue one named Geno. Gaz is excited to see the real Mario and askes him if he could play. Mario agrees and she lets him play as Bowser. However, as Gaz breaks out her Geno doll, it fires a star gun and it hits Mario knocking him out. As Mario has been moved upstairs to rest from his injuries, a strange star comes from above and takes over the geno doll. It leaves the Inn and Rose Town. It is daytime now and Gaz tells her mom that Geno left in the middle of the night. Her mom doesn't believe her but Mario thinks something is up and chases after Geno into the Forest Maze.

Forest Maze

The Forest Maze is a large, maze like forest with many grass and insect-releated enemies. Be careful when battling them here as most can inflict a status ailment here. Bringing many Able Juices will be useful. First, continue down the paths until you come across one with a Wiggler. Go down the further one ahead and you'll find a sleeping one. Wake it up and it'll send Mario crashing down into the main area. Now, this is the maze area of the Forest Maze and requries concentration. First, always follow down the path Geno goes down. If you lose him, head left twice and up once to re-locate him. Eventually, you'll reach a large area with Bowyer, one of the members of the Smithy Gang. One of his minions, an Aero, brings him a Star Piece but Geno quickly appears wanting the Star Piece. Geno also tells Bowyer to stop firing the arrows but doesn't listen. Eventually, Mario and Mallow arrive in time to save Geno and a boss fight resumes.

Boss: Bowyer

Bowyer is a rather odd boss with a nasty trick: able to lock away one of the action commands (except for the B button). Take note that this is the first time you'll be able to use the maxium of three characters for a fight. Fortunately, Geno has a rather strong physical attack which makes this fight a little easier. Bowyer is the master of electricity and can use a deadly move called Static E! that can strike all characters. Because of this, Mallow's Thunderbolt is useless here and should stick to healing Mario or Geno with HP Rain. Mario's Super Jump should do a fair amount of damage to Bowyer while Geno just keep attacking physically. Just switch strategies if he locks out an important button like the Y button which is used to access items. After enough hits, Bowyer should fall eventually.

After defeating Bowyer, Mario and his team earns the second Star Piece. Geno then tells the story on why he came. He reveals his name to be really ♥♪!? but is going to stick with Geno. He says that his home, Star Hill, was damaged by a large sword and the seven Star Pieces have been scattered throughout the world. Mario and Mallow agree to help out Geno and plan their next course of action.

Note: The next level is really the Pipe Vault but it's an optional area. Main plot-wise, we'll jump to Moleville. Information on the Pipe Vault will be posted in a section after the Walkthrough section.


As soon you arrive in Moleville, head to the top-left screen to find Bowser and his Koopa Troop again who has decreased in numbers. After they leave, head up to the top of the screen to find some of the mole citizens at a troubled state. It turns out that two young moles named Dyna and Mite have gotten lost deep in the mines and Mario is able to help with his jumping ability. Jump over the moles to head down further into Moleville Mines.

Moleville Mines

As soon you enter, there are some rock enemies that should be battle against since they have no special attacks. Next, head into a large room with a spring. As you jump on the spring, Mario will hit his head on the ceiling and pass out. Upon waking up, you'll find Croco and some thieves stealing from you. It turns out they have stolen all of your coins and must chase him to get them back. In doing so starts the second (and last) fight with Croco.

Boss: Croco

Even given it's three-on-one now, Croco is a lot more stronger and has a deadly attack called Chomp that can deal a lot of damage to someone. Take note that burning his tail won't work this time and this fight is meant to be all physical. Mario should deal some great damage with a well-timed Super Jump while Geno uses his physical attacks. Mallow should stick to healing with HP Rain since his other attacks barely does any damage to Croco. Do this until the reptile calls it quits again!

After defeating Croco, he will give back all of your coins and drop the Bambino Bomb key item. The Bambino Bomb is used to blow away a protion of a wall allowing further access into the mines. Now, Bob-ombs can be seen walking around and battling them is a good idea since they're fairly easy to defeat and their exploding attack doesn't do that much. After reaching a row of Bob-ombs, you can either jump or battle them and save that the Save Block. After entering a large room, Mario, Mallow, and Geno will all notice a strange character named Punchinello who's dream is to become famous. He'll notice Mario and says that defeating him will help him achieve that goal. Another boss fight will now commence!

Boss: Punchinello

Punchinello is definitely more tougher than Croco. Punchinello will either attack physically or by summoning Bob-ombs. The first round are just smaller Bob-ombs then followed by regular sized ones followed by two giant ones. This fight should be all physical meaning Mario should use Super Jump, Geno should attack physically, while Mallow heals. The Bob-ombs, even the two larger ones, don't pose much of a threat and all attacks should be focused on Punchinello alone. The fight will end once Punichnello summons a large King Bob-omb and crushes him.

After the battle, Mario, Mallow, and Geno wonder where the Star Piece is and the King Bob-omb suddenly explodes. However, the explosion causes the Star Piece to fall earning the third one. Now, head further back to finally find Dyna and Mite Mole. However, Dyna wants to ride on the mine cart and Mario agrees starting a mini-game. In this mini-game, you can make the mine cart go faster with A, slow down/brake with B, and jump with the Y button. Using the control pad allows you to shift in the direction you go. This mini-game is pretty straightforward and eventually leads to an area where it shifts to 2-D. You must jump and collect as many coins as you can until you head out of Moleville Mines and back into Moleville.

Moleville (Revisited)

You crash back into Moleville and Dyna & Mite Mole's parents are relieved that they are safe. Mario is happy to have helped but must get back on track to find the next Star Piece. The next course of action his Booster Pass so let's head there.

Booster Pass

Booster pass his a rather short level with a few enemies around. Due to this layout, leveling up here is recommended due to how close it is to Moleville where you can fully heal the party if they take too much damage. Checking the bushes reveals some items but most of them reveal hidden enemies called Artichokers which can be troublesome in battle due to their high HP. After battling and leveling up, time to head for Booster Tower.

Booster Tower

As you arrive at Booster Tower, you notice Bowser at the door. He believes that he hears Princess Toadstool around and sure enough, Princess Toadstool can be seen all the way at the top of the tower. She calls out to Mario and Bowser doesn't have time to hang around and leaves. However, as you try to get into the door, it's lock. Just try to leave the area and Bowser will come back offering his aid. He will break down the door allowing access into the tower. As you enter the tower, there are Snifits around acting like receptionists. However, some of them are enemies that can be battled. Note: Take notice of the Booster paintings on this floor. They will be useful later. As you head up the next floor, the owner of the tower, Booster, greets Mario but takes it back identifying him as an intruder. Take caution on this level as enemies tend to pop out of nowhere. Continue forward battling the enemies on the way until you reach a large room with coins everywhere. Careful as most of the floors contains enemies called Fireballs. After getting the key, continue heading up until you reach a long room with many portraits of the Booster generation. If you remembered the order of the Booster generation from 1st to 7th, you'll be awarded with the Chomp weapon for Bowser. Revealing a wrong portrait in order issues a fight with a Snifit. Continue on and avoid Booster's attacks until you reach a Save Block. Save and you'll be in Booster's room. You notice Toadstool is just outside the door but it's lock. Suddenly, Booster and his Snifits are arriving and you hide behind one of the curtains. Booster will recite his upcoming wedding but his Mario doll is missing and orders his Snifits to check behind the curtains to find it. Mini-game time! You must try and avoid being spotting by Booster's Snifits multiple times. If you succeed, you'll be awarded with an Amulet from Booster. If not, you'll have to fight Booster and his three Snifits. For the sake of the walkthrough in case someone fails the curtain mini-game, the fight with Booster will be included.

Boss: Booster + 3 Snifits (Optional)

This fight is surely hard due to the number game. The best bet is to take out the three Snifits first. Mallow's Thunderbolt will work well here and Mario should pound away with his Masher. Bowser is great for this battle HP wise and continue attacking the Snifits. The Snifits don't pose much of a threat but Booster himself can get deadly with his Loco Express move. Fortunately, Booster only attacks one character at a time meaning Mallow has a chance to heal with his HP Rain. Just keep hammering away until Booster is defeated.

After defeating Booster (or successfully completing the mini-game), Booster and his Snifits will head outside where Princess Toadstool is. Make sure you go and save before going outside. As soon you head outside, a boss fight between Grate Guy and Knife Guy will commence!

Boss: Grate Guy and Knife Guy

This boss battle can get ugly if the right moves aren't used correctly. Grate Guy can use a lot of special attacks while Knife Guy's stats are a little higher. First, it is best to triple team Knife Guy since he has the lowest HP. He is also weak to fire moves meaning Mario's Super Flame will be effective in this battle. As for Grate Guy, he is weak to thunder meaning Mallow's Thunderbolt will be helpful. Bowser can also deal high damage with just his physical attack. Keep going until they are both defeated.

After the battle, Mario and the others where Booster has taken Toadstool at and gives chase up at Booster Hill.

Booster Hill

This is another "mini-game" level. Booster has taken Princess Toadstool away and Mario is here to chase after him. However, his three Snifit bodyguards attempt to stop the plumber from reaching their boss' bride. Okay, for this mini-game, you must try and catch up to Princess Toadstool. Everytime you do, you'll be awarded with a flower each time. The only way to catch up to Booster is to jump off either the rolling barrels or the Snifit's heads to gain speed. Everytime you are hit, you'll be knocked back losing time. As the level progresses, the barrels disappear and Booster's Snifits will start running in a zigzag formation making jumping off their heads a little tougher. Once the level ends, Booster has gotten away and Mario makes chase into Marrymore.


In Marrymore, the first thing that should be done is buy more weapons for Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bowser. Next, attempt to head into the church and it turns out that Booster has crashed the wedding of two Toads in order to get his marriage started. However, Booster had his Snifits lock the front door making it appear impossible to head inside. However, just head to the right side of the church and head down a secret door to make it into the kitchen. Make note of the famous chef Chef Torte and his apprentice constructing a large cake for the wedding. Head to the nearby door to come into the main hall. Head up the stairs and make sure you save at the Save Block. As you try to enter in the door, it turns out that Booster's Snifits have the door blocked but Bowser offers his aid. Bowser will ram the door and you have to run at the same time as him to bust it open. Just as Booster is about to be wed to Princess Toadstool, she loses all of her jewelry. You must find them in a specific time to get an award. After that, Toadstool will attempt to leave with you but Chef Torte and his apprentice arrive with the cake but are angry that nobody is going to eat it and a boss fight happens!

Boss: Bundt/Raspberry

Note: Chef Torte and his apprentice aren't the true bosses in the fight and are more rather supporting until the real fight begins. The header is listed for the true boss of this fight.

First of all, do not attack Chef Torte or his apprentice as nothing will be gained. Instead, keep attacking the cake called Bundt until it starts moving a lot scaring away the chefs. Now the real right begins. For the first phase of the fight with Bundt, you must put out all of the candles on the head. There are a total of six of them and they can be taken out by simply attacking them. However, Bundt tends to fight back hard with Sand Storm that attacks all characters on the screen and inflicts the Fear ailment. It's best to have everyone attack with physical attacks until all of the candles are blown out and the fight with Raspberry starts. Raspberry acts the same as Bundt but has more attack and can now use Drain Beam. However, Raspberry is weak to Jump making Mario's Super Jump the absolute best move during this fight. After Raspberry has been weakned, Booster and his Snifits will arrive during the battle and Booster will eat Raspberry finishing it off and says that the wedding is over. Fortunately, that also means that this boss fight is over.

After the battle, you're now free to leave Marrymore. The original wedding couple are happy to finally be wed and there is nothing else to do but leave Marrymore. Because Princess Toadstool has been rescued, you'll be automatically taken back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom (Revisited)

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, head for Princess Toadstool's Castle and the Chancellor is delighted to have her back. However, she must say at the castle and Mario and the others have no choice but to leave without her and find the rest of the Star Pieces. However, as you about to leave the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Toadstool flies down from from her castle with her parasol saying her grandmother helped her get away and she really joins your party this time. Great! Now, Star Hill, a new location, has been unlocked and it is time to head there.

Star Hill

Star Hill is a rather large stage but short altogether. The only way to move deeper into the level is by touching all of the star flowers and unlocking the star gates. There are many enemies in the area including the weak Makumakus that should be battled for experience. Bandit enemies tend to run around and cause trouble but they also tend to run from battle. After reaching the end, you'll find the fourth Star Piece! Four down, only three to go! TIme to head for the next destination: Seaside Town.

Seaside Town

As you enter Seaside Town, you'll notice something strange. The town is seemlingly deserted and the store clerks don't sell anything to you even remarking they didn't see a star. However, you can rest in the Inn for free but when you wake up, you can see the Inn owner watching you. Creepy. Anyway, the only thing you can do down is head for the upper left part of the screen into the Elder's house. The Elder says that the Star Piece fell into the Sea prompting you to head there next.


As soon you enter the Sea and head into the next area, you'll find a friendly Shaman who will sell great items and gear for your party. It's very best to buy some down before heading any further. The main enemies in the Sea are Zeostars who are often seen sleeping on ground. They pose little threat in battle meaning it's best to battle them for experience. There is also a Starman in one treasure chest that allows you to run through them defeating them in one hit and earning experience points quickly. Keep on heading down until you reach an area with a pool of water with Bloopers in it. Use the nearby whirlpool and head downward and you'll end up in the Sunken Ship.

Sunken Ship

The Sunken Ship is a rather creepy level with creepy music to back it up. There are also many ghost, skeleton, and rat enemies to add to this effect. First, make sure you save in the nearby room before heading any further. You must continue on until you eventually come across a large room with many Greapers blocking it. Each room contains a letter needed to open the door in the save room and with a pipe in there. For a quick reference, the password is Pearls so enter that into the blocks overhead and the creature will allow you to enter, after you defeat it first! Head inside, and you'll find yourself fighting King Calamari.

Boss: King Calamari

Before you actually fight King Calamari himself, you must go through two rounds fightning his tentacles. His tentacles can be roasted with Mario's Super Flame but these tentacles have the annoying habit to fling away one of your party members and when they come back down, they're inflicted with the Fear status. This can be countered having Toadstool wear a Safety Badge and have her heal anyone else. Geno is also effective in this fight due to his strong multi-hit special attacks. After clearing through the two rounds of tentacles, you'll fight King Calamari himself. King Calamari has some nasty attacks and can even use Venom Drool to poison one of your party members. And two more tentacles are here to annoy you as well. Just keep it up with Mario's Super Flame, Geno's Geno Blast, and Toadstool's healing techniques until King Calamari is defeated.

After defeating King Calamari, you'll access deeper into the Sunken Ship. I'd recommended taking the spring back into King Calamari's area and head back into the room to save before going any further. Here, you must fight through more enemies until you reach a near underwater area with enemies called Bandana Reds around. They'll talk about how their boss, Jonathan Jones, has gotten the Star Piece and you want to know more.  However, the Bandana Reds rather fight than talk. In battle, the Bandana Reds can be completely wiped out with Mallow's Thunderbolt making him the most useful character to have in your party now (since the Bandana Reds always fight in groups and you have to fight more of them after you head upstairs). After heading up, head into Johnny's room and a boss fight will commence!

Boss: Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones is aided in battle by four Bandana Blues. Now listen: Use Mallow's Thunderbolt to weaken all of the enemies on the screen and start taking down the Bandana Blues one by one and leave only one of them standing. If you take down all of the Bandana Blues, Jonathan Jones will make it a one-on-one battle with Mario and it is much more difficult. After defeating three of the Bandana Blues, just use physical attacks until Jonathan Jones falls. He'll power himself up at one point but it's better to gang him three-on-one rather than one-on-one. Note that the Bandana Blue will also be defeated as soon Johnny goes down.

Jonathan Jones accepts his loss and glady hands over the Star Piece. Great! That's Star Piece #5. Use the nearby spring to leave the Sunken Ship and head back into Seaside Town.

Seaside Town (Revisited)

As soon you enter Seaside Town, you're confronted by the Elder and the other citizens of the town. However, the Elder reveals himself as Yaridovich, a member of the Smithy Gang who used his cloning abilities to take over the town. Knowning he'll rust if he tried to go after the Star Piece, he tricked Mario into getting it for him. You cannot do anything else but hand over the Star Piece as he'll bring harm to the Seaside Town citizens if you do not. After that, Yaridovich attempts to leave at the nearby ocean. Follow him that way and he'll complain how the Blade isn't arriving yet. Yaridovich attempts to escape by Sea but Jonathan Jones along with two Bandana Blues stop him saying Mario earned the Star Piece fair and square. Seeing no other choice, Yaridovich reveals his true form and fights Mario and his friends.

Boss: Yaridovich

This is definitely the hardest boss fight so far in this game. Yaridovich has high HP, high attack power, and high defense. Yaridovich also uses one of the most deadlist moves in the game: Water Blast. This move can strike every character on the screen for high damage. The recommended party here is Mario, Mallow, and Toadstool. Yaridovich is weak to thunder meaning Mallow's Shocker will do quite a bit of damage to him. After taking an amount of HP, Yaridovich will create a clone of himself. The easiest way to tell which is the fake is by using Thunderbolt and seeing who takes the most damage from it. The one that takes more damage from it is the fake. Just continue hitting Yaridovich with Mario's Super Jump and Mallow's Shocker while Toadstool heals until he is defeated.

After defeating Yaridovich, you'll earn the fifth Star Piece for sure this time. Pick up the storage key and use it to unlock the storeroom that was keeping the Elder and the rest of the Seaside Town citizens trapped inside. The Elder thanks Mario for his help and Seaside Town is returned to normal. Buy some items and then head for the next destination, Land's End.

Land's End

Land's End is a very large area and it's easy to get lost here. You'll first start off in the grassy area and you must work your way into the desert area. There is, at one point, where cannons are firing a ton of Geckits and battling though them all, though good experience wise, can be a pain. Try to battle and avoid as many as you can and head to the area with a Shaman on top. You'll have to pay him 10 coins and you must cross over the bridge to the next side. Don't bother playing again as the most important thing is to make it through the level instead of collecting coins. As you enter the desert area, there is a friendly Rat Fink nearby trying to get home to Monstro Town. He'll give you a tip saying if there is a part with quicksands, follow the one with a Shogan in it. Also, that means you have to fight they Shogan and they can be nasty in battle due to their really high attack power. Once you follow the Shogans enough, you'll end up in an underground area. Make sure you save and hit the nearby block to get a Starman. Clear through all of the enemies hoping you'll level up and take the spring to end up in Belome Temple.

Belome Temple

Belome Temple is a mysterious place where it is built in the honor of the four-eyed, always-hungry dog beast Belome. Make sure you bring a lot of coins here as it is needed. In the first area. Hit the blocks in order (it doesn't matter) to get a slip and make a block appear. Use the block to get up to the higher area and enter the room with stairs leading down and a Shaman nearby. You must keeping trying to get the slip that says "I'm hungry and I need something to eat!" and head down the platform. You'll come face-to-face with Belome again and a battle commences!

Boss: Belome

Belome is a lot more nastier in this fight. He doesn't just have the appetite for Mallow but other characters as well. Let me say first that the recommended party here is Mario, Mallow, and Geno. The main reason is now, Belome can eat any character and make a clone of them. The Bowser Clones have a lot of HP and the Toadstool Clones can heal Belome which can be a real pain. At least the Mallow Clones use a rather weak Static E! while the Geno Clones can use Flame Stone that isn't much trouble either. The Mario Clones are the easiest to deal with as they'll only use Jump which is easy to block against. Belome, himself, can now use Sleep-inducing moves such as Light Beam and Aurora Flash. Wearing a Safety Badge and a Wake-up Pin will make things easier. Belome is still weak to Thunder attacks meaning Mallow's Shocker will deal at lot to him. Mario should use Super Jump while Geno sticks to physical attacks. Continue on and Belome will be defeated and leave for good.

After defeating Belome, head backwards to end up in Monstro Town.

Monstro Town

Monstro Town is a rather small place but is the only place the houses the friendly enemies in the game. Well, head into the first house to find a Toad. Mario will ask the Toad if she has seen a Star Piece around and she says there is a "star" upstairs. However, it's just a Starslap dancing. Head back downstairs and Mario tells her that he is looking for a Star Piece. However, the Toad doesn't know where it is but agrees to help him get to Bean Valley. She calls a bunch of Paratroopas and they'll head for the mountain area of Land's End. Before going there, head to the Item Shop to find a Goomba who is afraid of seeing Bowser. However, Bowser agrees to let the Goomba live his life and the Goomba open his shop. There are some good items for Bowser to buy some for him. Note: There are three sidequests here including the 3 Musty Fears, Culex, and the Jynx battle. Look under the Sidequests section for more information on those. Now, make sure you save here (the save block is hidden on the far, downright area of the screen. Then, head back through Belome Temple and back to the underground area. Then, pay the Shaman blocking the spring 100 coins to head back to the desert area of Land's End.

Land's End (Revisted)

Back in the desert area, head north to end up in the mountain area. The Paratroopas will arrive and you have to jump off their shells until you reach the top. Once you reach the top, head out and you can access Bean Valley.

Bean Valley

Bean Valley is a rather grassy area and the first thing you should notice is the numerous Stingers flying around. They have pretty low HP and their defenses are low meaning it's good to battle them to earn experience points. Warp Pipes will lead you to the right path or a dead end. You must keep taking Warp Pipes until you reach a large area with five Warp Pipes and a Shy Away watering each one and revealing a Chewy. Battle the Chewy for experience and go down the Warp Pipe for treats. Note: One of the warp pipes leads to Grate Guy's Casino. Read the Sidequests section for more. Make sure you save at the save block and advance to the next area. The Shy Away will water what it appears to be another Chewy but as soon you go near it, a boss fight commences!

Boss: Megasmilax

Make sure you have Mallow in this battle as his Snowy technique is very useful. The boss fight will start off with just one Smilax so just take it out with physical attacks. Soon, the Shy Away comes along and waters it making two more grow in its place. If he's strong enough, Mallow's Snowy should take them out in one it. After defeating those, the Shy Away returns and waters it making three appear. Just keep using Snowy and the Shy Away will water it for the last time making the large Megasmilax appear. The Megasmilax can be nasty in battle as it can use Petal Blast that can turn every party member into Mushrooms. Having Mallow wear the Trueform Pin is recommended and him keep using Snowy while Mario attacks with his Masher and you can use any third party to attack (I'd use Geno due to his speed, attack, and Geno Boost technique). Keep this up until the oversized Piranha Plant is defeated.

After defeating the Megaslimax, make sure you pick up the Seeds item nearby. It is needed to acquire a very useful weapon and armor later in the game. After that, head up the beanstalk and you'll end up in a cloudly area of Bean Valley. Continue heading up trying to avoid the Birides and Paratroopas until you reach Nimbus Land.

Nimbus Land

Ah, Nimbus Land! Land of the cloud citizens known as Nimbus! Hey, guess Mallow's hometown is finally revealed and he is a prince. However, a strange human named Valentina has corrputed the citizens and even has her assistant, Dodo, impersonate Mallow thinking he's "Prince Mallow". Valentina plans on marrying "Mallow" in order to become the ruler of Nimbus Land and blocks off the entrance to Nimbus Castle. The next thing you should do is buy more items, weapons, and gear for the party, and save at the inn. Next, head up to the house beside Nimbus Castle to meet up with Garro, the master sculpture for King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus. He recognizes Mallow due to Mallow looking similar to a young King Nimbus and agrees to sneak Mallow and Mario into Nimbus Castle.

In Nimbus Castle, Garro is stopped by Valentina who compliments him on his sculptures of her. She is a bit suspicious of the Mario-looking one but he manages to convince her that it's a new sculputure he made just for her. Valentina then has Dodo take her new sculptures to the back. After that, attempt to head out the door but Valentina and Dodo are right there and Mario quickly takes his stand as a statue. Valentina then orders Dodo to polish every statue much to his annoyance. Mini-game time! Dodo is very mad and will start hitting the statues one-by-one. You must listen to the music and jump right before Dodo hits you. If you do it way before or after, Dodo will tell Valentina who then dismesses his claim. You must keep doing this (where at one point he'll run through the background to confuse you) and you'll eventually succeed and earn a Feather in the next room with the Save Block. If not, then it's an optional boss fight with Dodo.

Boss: Dodo (Optional)

This fight with Dodo isn't that difficult since it's your three party against one of him. All of Dodo's attacks can strike only one character at a time but his high speed allows him to attack twice in one turn. Just keep using physical attacks until you defeat him.

After getting the Feather or defeating Dodo, head through the main room and battle some Birdies. Then, continue on through more rooms and battle the enemies you see (they're pretty weak in battle espically if you have Mallow and Bowser on your team). Keep on continuing until you reach a room with Nimbus people in it and one of them will give you a key to a door. Head back and go through the middle door (you must battle the Heavy Troopa first) and you'll find a giant egg. It's a good idea to go back and save and talk to the egg agreeing to "play" with it but "play" is just another word for battle!

Boss: Birdo

First, you must destroy the egg before having the chance to battle Birdo. The egg shell is very weak and should only be attacked with physical attacks. Now for Birdo. She has very low HP but her defense and attack power are incredibly high meaning you must be aggressive in battle. Having Mario use Ultra Jump, Bowser with his physical attacks, and Geno using Geno Boost on some characters will help well in this fight. Keep going until Birdo is defeated.

After defeating Birdo, head back through the doors and you'll end up in the back area. Eventually though battling enemies and going through more doors, you'll run into Valentina and Dodo but the King or Queen are nowhere in sight. It turns out that Valentina has locked them up in a nearby room and they run away. Make chase to them in the long passageway. Save as usual and pick up the Starman to defeat enemies. Dodo can be seen in the hallway but you should already have the Starman to instanly defeat him. Continue on and you'll fall all the way back down to the main entrance of Nimbus Land. Make sure you head somewhere else to heal, save, and buy more items (I'd picked Monstro Town due the free in and it's close by). As soon you head back to the main area of Nimbus Land, Valentina can be seen trying to escape but the Nimbus people stop her wanting questions. Having no other choice, she decides to fight you with Dodo by her side.

Boss: Valentina & Dodo

This is a very tough boss fight. First of all, Dodo will take the middle member of your party away for a one-on-one fight. Make sure you have Bowser in the middle party as he will most likely have the most HP of the group. Dodo can be a tad tricky to fight since he's faster than Bowser. Just keep having Bowser use his physical attacks until Dodo calls it quits. Back to the other battle, Mario and Geno should be the ones fighting Valentina. Valentina can use numerous of spells including Water Blast and Petal Blast. Have Mario keep using Ultra Jump while Geno attacks physically until Dodo and Bowser arrive in the battle. Dodo is a mere annoyance but Ultra Jump and Geno Flash can strike both Dodo and Valentina at the same time. Keep going until they are both defeated.

After being defeated, Valentina and Dodo make their getaway and Nimbus Land is saved. King and Queen Nimbus return to their thrones and are glad to see their son Mallow again. However, Mallow still wants to help Mario defeat Smithy by collecting the next Star Piece. King Nimbus says that it's in Barrel Volcano but it's being guarded by the terrible Czar Dragon. However, before heading down into Barrel Volcano, head back outside and hug the right wall until you find an invisible path with a Shy Away at the end. This Shy Away, afraid of being hurt, gives you the Fertilizer and now it's time to get the Lazy Shell weapon and armor. Head back into Rose Town and head to the second area and head inside the building and give the items to the Gardener. A beanstalk grows out of his house and you must climb it. Now, hit the two treasure chests for the Lazy Shell weapon and armor! Equip the weapon to Mario and equip the armor to Toadstool. The weapon greatly boosts Mario's attack power while the armor greatly boost's Toadstool's defenses and also makes her immune to all status ailments. Now, head back to Nimbus Land and head through the castle again and down the cloudy area to where the two Nimbus guards blocking the way. Mallow will tell them it's okay to pass and fall out of the clouds to end up in Barrel Volcano.

Barrel Volcano

Barrel Volcano is a rather straightforward level with no way of getting lost here. However, because of this, the pathway is very long and there are many enemies along the way. There are troublesome enemies called Corpedites and Stumpets that are very large on the field and aren't difficult to spot. Battling these enemies yield great experience points and coin but beware: they are tough to take out in battle. Continue along the road until you reach an area with a Toad named Hinopo. He's pretty helpful as he runs an item shop, a weapons and armor shop, and an Inn all at the same time. Buy more gear for the party and buy more items and rest if needed and use the Save Block. Continue along the large donut lifts (remember they fall over time) and avoid the Podoboos and eventually, you'll across the guardian of Barrel Volcano: Czar Dragon.

Boss: Czar Dragon/Zombone

The Czar Dragon is a tough foe that can oddly use the terrible Water Blast move. Given it's fire nature, using Mallow's Snowy will deal high damage to him. Have Mario use his Lazy Shell while Toadstool heals. The Czar Dragon is defeated but rises from the grave as Zombone! Zombone has a lot more HP than the Czar Dragon and can use Boulder which is a stronger Water Blast. However, Zombone is now weak to Jump moves meaning Mario's Ultra Jump will do a lot of damage to him. Just keep using that while Mallow uses Shocker and Toadstool heals until Zombone is defeated.

After defeating Zombone, make sure you head back to the Save Block. There is a very tough ifght up ahead and it'll save you having to fight the Czar Dragon/Zombone again. Head past the area where you've fought the Czar Dragon/Zombone and the sixth Star Piece is yours. Just as Mario is about to grab it, it is swipped by someone. It's the Axem Rangers and they are escaping to the top! Follow after them and they'll head up into their Blade warship and Mario jumps after them starting a boss fight!

Boss: Axem Rangers

You are greatly outnumbered in this fight but not outmatched. Each Axem Ranger has a specific trait that make them a tad annoying to take out. Here is a list of them below and the order they should be taken out.

  • Axem Pink: She is the only female member of the group. She is the most annoying due to her healing techniques. However, her HP is lower than all of the others and Mario's Lazy Shell and Geno's physical attack should take her out on the same turn.
  • Axem Green: He is the magic user of the group. His magic attacks can multi-hit and can be troublesome. Like Pink, his HP is on the low side and should be taken down next.
  • Axem Black: The speed of the group. Axem Black is known for attacking twice in the same turn and can toss a bomb that deals high damage. Take him out next with physical attacks.
  • Axem Yellow: The muscle of the group. Axem Yellow has the highest HP and only attacks with physical attacks and Body Slam. Take him out by double teaming him (Toadstool will still be healing).
  • Axem Red: The leader of the group. Axem Red specializes in fire attacks and his attack power is on the high side. He should be targeted last as none of his attacks pose that much of a threat.

After each member's HP goes down to 0, Axem Red will form them together and hop on a large machine in the back. This machine can use the terrible Breaker Beam technique that can deal high damage to everyone (except for Toadstool who barely takes any damage due to her Lazy Shell armor). Just keep hammering away with special attacks until the Axem Rangers go down for good.

After the Axem Rangers are defeated, they are destroyed along with their Blade you finally earn the sixth Star Piece. Now, head back to Nimbus Land.

Nimbus Land (Revisted)

Back at Nimbus Land, visit King and Queen Nimbus and they'll allow you to ride a cloud bus right to Bowser's Keep. When you're ready, head over to the left side to ride the bus over to Bowser's Keep (take note of the characters cheering you on from Vista Hill).

Bowser's Keep

As soon you reach the first room, stronger versions of Terrapins can be seen here. Fight them all for experience and continue on into a narrow room. You must ride the barrel over to the other side and continue jumping on. Eventually, you'll run into Croco who has changed his ways and sells items to you. Make sure you do so and continue on into a room with six doors. Note: I believe the orders of the doors are different for each gameplay for what is behind. Two of them are puzzle doors, two of them are courses, and two of them are battle doors. After completing four doors, you should have four stronger weapons for Bowser, Toadstool, Mallow, and Geno (Mario is fine! He still has the all-powerful Lazy Shell). After finishing the fourth and last door, you'll land in a very small room with a Save Block in it. Save and head into the next room and you'll find Magikoopa who has been brainwashed into working for Smithy! Boss time!

Boss: Magikoopa

This is a really easy boss fight actually. Magikoopa has very low defenses and his HP is lower than other bosses you've faced so far. The only thing is that Magikoopa tends to summon stronger enemies to aid him while he sits back and watches. You can easy defeat the enemies and continue to strike Magikoopa with Mario's Ultra Jump and Geno's Star Gun attack. Toadstool should keep on healing but attack if necessary. After enough hits, Magikoopa will go down not before long.

After Magikoopa is defeated, he'll revert to his normal self and is glad to see Bowser. He'll then make a treasure chest that spawns infinite coins! Alright! Next, head to the far left door to find Croco again. Make sure you make his count as soon you leave the door, Croco will disappear. Buy some items and save and go through the next room with fire until you reach the chandelier room. There is a large guy named Boomer who wants a fight on top of the chandeliers.

Boss: Boomer

Boomer, despite his large HP count, is rather easy. Just keep attacking with strong attacks (Mario's Lazy Shell should do over 400 damage to him alone) until he changes color. However, there is no big difference. The only thing about Boomer is that he can learn a move called Shaker that can automatically knock out one of Mario's party. Just be sure to have some Pick Me Ups and use Toadstool's Come Back and keep going until Boomer is defeated.

After Boomer is defeated, he is feeling very weak and tells the Shy Guy to let go of his chandelier which he falls down (though it's hinted he survived this). After which the Shy Guy will take your team up into they crash. Don't relax yet as now you have another boss fight!

Boss: Exor

You'll literally jump into the fight with Exor (and don't worry. Thanks to the mechanics of Super Mario RPG, you heal after every boss fight meaing you'll be refreashed before fighting Exor). Exor can be tough as he has multiple parts on his body that can attack with spells and such. Exor's weakness is the skull thing on the very top but it cannot be damage that much unless one of this other body parts is disabled. However, it's better just to multi-hit everything meaning you should use Ultra Jump and Geno Flash. After the body parts are disabled, hit Exor with everything you got! Just keep doing this until Exor is defeated.

After Exor is defeated, his mouth will open sending Mario's party to the last area in the game: The Factory.


As soon the group lands in the Factory, Bowser will comment saying he is not needed anymore wanting to go back to his castle but Geno manages to convince him to stay as Smithy will just send more of his creations through his castle. Despite being the final level, the Factory is pretty straightforward (but that's most likey because of all of the bosses lurking in this stage). There are points where you must jump over the screws to make them move over. If you fall off, you'll land on a spring down below and are fling back up to the area. One other thing to notice are the grey versions of the previous Smithy Gang bosses you've fought. These are called Machine Mades and fortunately, they are much weaker than the original. Continue on until you see a room with three Ninjas and Yaridovich Machine Mades jumping down. You must defeat the Yaridovich Machine Made and head downward. Save and get ready to fight that oversized clock!

Boss: Count Down & Ding-A-Lings (x2)

Count Down is a rather unique boss that uses attacks depending on which hand it is on. Count Down can use some really nasty spells like Aurora Flash and heal itself with Mega Recover. The Ding-A-Lings are mere annoyances that only use the Dark Star technique. Make sure you take them both out with physical attacks and take down Count Down with special attacks.

After defeating Count Down, a Save Block will appear allowing you to save. Make sure you do that and continue on. Keep going and battle the enemies and you'll fall down into a trap into another boss fight!

Boss: Cloaker & Domino (Earth Link or Mad Adder)

Time to face off against Cloaker and Domino of the Smithy Gang. These two are deadly as a tag team and you'll find yourself only taking one of them down. I'd recommened taking down Cloaker since if Domino is defeated, Cloaker will hop onto his snake Earth Link that has a massive 2500 HP. Defeating Cloaker first will have Domino merge with his snake Mad Add which has 1500 HP, much less than the Earth Link. When fighting the Mad Adder, be careful of its poison attacks and Mario and Geno should attack physically while Toadstool heals (her Lazy Shell armor will protect her from poisoning attacks and she'll barely take any damage from its attacks). Keep going until it's defeated once and for all.

After they are defeated, save and continue on and you'll end up in the factory itself. There are numerous of villains here including the tough Manager where you have to fight to move on. After defeating the first one (take note that you fully heal after each fight), Toad will appear and sell you some items. Buy some items and continue on and you'll find the Factory Chief operating a large machine known as Gunyolk. Boss time!

Boss: Factory Chief & Gunyolk

This boss fight is tricky but not hard. The Factory Chief doesn't have that much HP and no special attacks too threatening but man, his attack power is high. Not to mention, Gunyolk can use the deadly Breaker Beam technique. First, take out the Factory Chief as he can be annoying and go all out on the Gunyolk. You'll heal fully after this boss fight and this is the final boss before Smithy himself. Keep going and pat yourself on the back for defeating the last boss in the game before Smithy.

Before going on, make sure you save and head back to buy some items from Toad. Your party should be Mario for his speed, Bowser for his HP and power, and Toadstool for her healing and high defense and special defense. When you're ready, press the switch and you'll end up in Smithy's room. Mario and the others will comment saying Smithy should stop making machines and hand over the Star Piece. However, Smithy is eager to make a world filled with weapons and askes Mario's party to hand over their Star Pieces. Enough talk, time to fight the main antagonist himself!

Boss: Smithy

Love the music that plays here by the way. Anyway, Smithy is a deadly opponent and often uses his signature move Sledge to damage all of the party. Smithy doesn't fight alone as a being named Smelter allows Smithy to create Shysters that can use the annoying Sword Rain move. But take note: focus all attacks on Smithy. Attacking the Smelter is pointless has it has 500 less HP than Smithy. Smithy can get deadly with Meteor Blast but Toadstool should barely take anything from it and should be able to use Group Hug to heal everyone. Mario should use Lazy Shell and Bowser uses his Drill Claw to eventually stop Smithy's madness!

Smithy is angry that he has lost. His crew tries to calm him down but he smashes down the floor. Everyone falls down to the basement and Smithy starts acting strange. Suddenly, a large light emerges and Smithy has transformed into a larger being. It's final boss time!

Final Boss: Smithy (Magic Head, Tank Head, Treasure Head, Masked Head)

Get ready for a long and tough battle as Smithy has 8000 HP and a ton of attacks. Smithy can now switch between four heads that allow him to act in different ways. I'll be separating each heads down below to see how to deal with them. But overall, unleash your strongest attacks with Mario and Bowser while Toadstool heads until Smithy goes down.

For the Magic Head, Smithy can use very powerful magic attacks but has very low defenses. Just use physical attacks to deal a lot of damage to him. Toadstool shouldn't take that much from the magic attacks and should heal when necessary.

For the Tank Head, Smithy's attack and defense greatly increases making this the most troublesome head to deal with out of the bunch. Even Toadstool's high defenses cannot stop this (though, when I played, she only took about 50 damage while Mario and Bowser took over 100 damage). The worst of it all is that he can use a move called Magnum that can automatically kill one of your party members including Toadstool. Just use Pick Me Ups and Come Backs when necessary. The Tank Head is weak to Thunder but I wouldn't put Mallow in the fight (as you need the Flower Points specifically for Toadstool's healing spells).

For the Treasure Head, Smithy will launch unnamed magic spells that will inflict a random status aliment to all of your party. However, Toadstool should be unaffected thanks to her Lazy Shell armor so she should heal up any status ailments when needed.

For the Masked Head, Smithy can heal himself with Recover and Mega Recover and is quite troublesome. Fortunately, Smithy rarely uses this head and when he does, he rarely attacks directly. Just keep hammering away with attacks.

Just keep doing this and congratulations! You've beaten the final boss of this game!

After beating Smithy, Geno tells Mario to send the last Star Piece up high and he does. Star Hill is fixed and now, having completed his task, Geno turns back into his original form which is a star and flies back to Star Hill.


Right before the ending, several scenes play before the very ending. Mallow, or should I say Prince Mallow, goes back to his rightful home in Nimbus Land where everyone is cheering for him. Bowser and his troops are fixing up his Keep but Bowser runs off after seeing a Shy Guy riding in his Koopa Clown Car. Toadskfy is seen conducting at Tadpole Pond with the other tadpoles. Valentina and Booster appear to have gotten married but Booster ran away for some reason. The reformed Croco is now living with the Yoshis on Yo'ster Isle and has made friends with Boshi. Jonathan Jones looks over at the sunset from the Sea. And finally, Mario and Princess Toastool made it back home and celebrate. Now, all there is to do is watch the parade (take note at Luigi's brief and only appearance), turn off the game, and rest up! But to quote from the game:



Now that the main walkthrough has been finished, time to go over the various sidequests during the journey.

Pipe Vault/Yo'ster Isle

The Pipe Vault is located between Rose Town and Moleville. The entire level itself pays homage to World 1-2 from Super Mario Bros. This area is filled with Goombas, Piranha Plants, and Podoboos. I'd recommend fighting each one for experience points. After completing through the Pipe Vault, you'll end up at Yo'ster Isle.

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