Wakeport is an location that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team West of Mushrise Park . It is the sixth explored area followed by Dozing Sands. It is also a major tourist site where one of the Shelltops says that it is the most popular place on Pi'illo Island. This is also where Mario and Luigi encounter Popple and Kylie Koopa again.


Wakeport is mainly a harbor place with many buildings and people scattered around the town.


Mario and Luigi first head to Wakeport where they need to register for a tour to Mount Pajamaja. Mario and Luigi must find the Massif Bros, Big Massif and Lil' Massif in order to start the tour. However, Lil' Massif says he cannot do the tour without his brother and Mario and Luigi must search for them. They eventually find Big Massif sleeping on a Dreampoint where Prince Dreambert urging Mario to head into the Dream World to get him. Big Massif eventually wakes up to help start the tour.

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