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Volt Shrooms are items in the Paper Mario series. They first appeared in Paper Mario.


In Paper Mario

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Volt Shrooms are found in a few shops around the middle of the game. This item isn't that great in the game because Mario can obtain the badge Zap Tap which provides the same effect only it is permanent so long as it is equipped. Zap Tap is also quite easy to obtain as it is found in Merlow's inventory and it is priced for around 10 Star Pieces. This item provides the same effect; Mario can become electrified, causing 1 damage to all direct attackers. This item does not stack with Zap Tap. In the game, Volt Shrooms aren't that helpful but can be used to fend off the Master when he uses his ultimate attack.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In TTYD, Volt Shrooms make a reappearance, being not that great of items. These items are used to cook some recipes, but aren't that great on their own. Since Zap Tap is not only easier to obtain, it costs less BP too. That makes this item even worse than it was in the last game. Mario can buy these Volt Shrooms at the Westside Goods store in Rogueport.

In Super Paper Mario

In Super Paper Mario, Mario finds this item in the shop in Flopside. This item is actually better than it was in the last game. Volt Shrooms in the last game damaged enemies upon touching them. In this game, when Mario uses a Volt Shroom, he becomes electrified, but paralyzes all enemies he comes into contact with, making it a handy defensive item. When this happens, Mario takes no damage as he can walk right by the paralyzed targets.