Vista Hill (クッパ城の見える丘?) is a location that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Vista Hill is a large hill leading up from Mario's Pad that overlooks Bowser's Keep. Despite being a map location, there is nothing the player can actually do in this location. Upon entering, Mario simply looks at Bowser's Keep, hops, then walks away taking the player back to the map.


After defeating Bowser at his keep, Exor crashes into the castle and sends Mario flying away. After attempting to return to Bowser's Keep to finish saving Princess Toadstool, he encounters Exor who prevents Mario's entrance, destroys the bridge leading to the keep, and strands Mario on Vista Hill.

Vista Hill is also seen for the last time right before Mario and his team fly from Nimbus Land to Bowser's Keep. Several characters such as Monty Moles and Toads can be seen cheering for Mario's team.


  • The theme that plays at Vista Hill is the same theme for Bowser's Keep.
  • From its Latin root, "vista" can mean "view" as both a verb or a noun. The location is aptly named, as the only thing Mario can do from this location is look at Bowser's Keep.