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For the level with the same name in Donkey Kong Country Returns, see Vine Valley (Donkey Kong Country Returns).

Vine Valley is a location within Donkey Kong Island. It is also the third world in Donkey Kong Country. The boss of this world is Queen B. herself.


This area itself has some areas take place in the forest, while others take place in other themes such as a temple or a jungle. Vine Valley also features a bay in the middle of it, aside with what appears to be little tree villages located in the area. There is a large bridge which goes between the two halves of the world. Vine Valley itself appears to take place during a sunset, but remains daytime in the Game Boy Advance version.

In the Game Boy Advance version, the world had been altered to look more like a temple as two Kremling statues can be seen right before the long bridge which gives the pathway near Temple Tempest, along with a stairway after Candy's Dance Studio and Cranky's Hut which leads to Temple Tempest.



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