This page is on the Venus Ice Trap. For its counterpart, see Frost Piranha.

Venus Ice Traps, also called Ice Piranha Plants, are enemies that first appear in New Super Mario Bros. U. They are the equlivant of Venus Fire Traps.


Venus Ice Traps are similar in appearance to Piranha Plants except that they can spit ice balls. Some may also hang upside down.


New Super Mario Bros. U

Venus Ice Traps are first seen on the first level of Rock-Candy Mines: Fuzzy Clifftop. There are only a few on the level and one of them is actually required to earn a Star Coin. Mario can defeat them in any way but the best way to deal with them is to eat them with Yoshi. After Yoshi captures a Venus Ice Trap, he can spit out the ice ball as a projectile.

New Super Luigi U

Venus Ice Traps only appear in levels of the Frosted Glacier. They can be dealt with in the same way from New Super Mario Bros. U.