Vanna T. is a character that appears in Paper Mario.


Physical description

Vanna T. is a female Toad with red, heart-shaped spots on her head. She also wears a red suit with a blue tie.


Vanna T. is only seen whenever Mario participates in Chuck Quizmo's quizzes. Whenever Mario answers a question correctly, she can be seen clapping for him before Chuck Quizmo gives him a Star Piece. Vanna T. eventually sends Mario a letter thanking him for participating in Chuck Quizmo's quizzes. Vanna T. is seen again toward the end where he is standing beside Chuck Quizmo near Merlon's house. Vanna T. also appears in the parade where she claps for Chuck Quizmo after he lets go a firework from his hat.


Vanna T.'s name is a pun of the word vanity. Vanna T.'s name could also be a reference to Vanna White, the assistant of Pat Sajak on the game show Wheel of Fortune.


  • Vanna T. is one of few Toads in the series whose spots on their head isn't the usual round-shaped.