Vanilla Secret 3 is the third and final level of the secret area in Vanilla Dome. This level is aquatic themed, and contains goggle-wearing dolphins.


The player starts on a mushroom platform, and they must use the dolphins to get across the water quicker. They will reach another island with a? Block high up top a mushroom platform and the first Dragon Coin beside it. Then the player should cross more dolphins and get on another island with the second Dragon Coin. After this area, a Porcupuffer will start to swim around and chase the player. The dolphins tend to dive into the water, making it a tad bit tricky to dodge the large fish. The player should keep jumping on the dolphins and get to the checkpoint. After the checkpoint they should jump on dolphins that leap up and down the water, with the third Dragon Coin in the middle of two dolphins. The player should finally ride on the many dolphins through a couple of coin-made arrow signs, taking you to the end Warp Pipe with the fourth Dragon Coin (in the Game Boy Advance version, the fourth Dragon Coin appears to be in the third coin arrow, making this the fifth Dragon Coin instead).

The pipe takes you to the Goal Pole with the fifth Dragon Coin. Note that this Dragon Coin still appears in the GBA remake, despite all five being collected already. This particular coin doesn't do anything else rather than give you a second extra life.


  • If the player ends up dying and starts again at the checkpoint, the Porcupuffer won't appear and chase you again unless one goes back to it's initial location. This makes the level easier.
  • In the GBA version, Yoshi can eat the dolphins unlike the originalSNES version.