Vanilla Secret 2 is the second secret level in Vanilla Dome. This is the first level to take place outside and on top of the cave.


The player starts at a flat area where two green Koopa Paratroopas are skipping by. After jumping a small gap, the player will find a ? Block containing a Yoshi, and the player will come across many mountains with lots of green Koopa Paratroopas as they venture through. In the middle is a green ! Block that contains a Cape Feather, which could be used to fly up leftwards to many cloud blocks with coins, as well as the first Dragon Coin. The player should easily parachute down and easily obtain the second Dragon Coin as well.

After crossing the mountains, the player will reach two purple pipes that both contain Jumping Piranha Plants, with the third Dragon Coin in the middle. Up ahead is the Midway Gate, and then the player will reach a taller landscape with a single Spiny on top. Going down the slope, the player will start to witness parachuting Bob-ombs, with a Lakitu in the middle violet pipe, right next to a tilted large green pipe and above Note Blocks (with an item contained in the second-to-left) that the player should climb and slide down the slope. finding the fourth Dragon Coin between a ? Block and an opened brown block. Next the player will find a large pool containing Spinies, and by hitting the second-to-left block above them, they will find a Gray P Switch that will turn them all into coins. The player should continue on and jump over a gap and walk up another pipe, avoiding more parachuting Bob-ombs. After the big pipe, they will find a regular green pipe that will take you to an underground area. There is also a Chargin' Chuck nearby that can split into three Chucks.

The player must go left in this area and hit the P Switch in front of them, which will turn the coins above lava into blocks that can easily be crossed. The fifth Dragon Coin is at the end.

Once you exit the area, the player will blast off from the tilted big pipe, jump on a line of red Koopa Paratroopas, and make it straight into the Goal Pole.