Vanilla Secret 1 is the first secret level in Vanilla Dome, unlocked by finding the secret exit in Vanilla Dome 1.


This level is layed out vertically. The player starts at the very bottom near a bunch of hills (with a red normalKoopa Troopa on one, and also a green Koopa Paratroopa above it) that they must climb. On the most right side is a few coins, while on the most left is two ? Blocks. The player should make their way to the left and jump up the green flippers, and dropping down below to a platform right next to a green pipe to get the first Dragon CoinAfter collecting the coin, the player should hop bac onto the pipe and hit the block in the middle, which contains a Beanstalk that the player can climb up, also getting the second Dragon Coin on the side, with a red Koopa Paratroopa flying by. There is another Beanstalk block that the player should hit beside that one to climb up again. There are three ? Blocks high above the platform that the Beanstalk stops on, as well as a spring nearby that the player must jump on to get on top of the area above them, however this could be tricky due to the six Koopa Paratroopas flying below the gap. If the player wanders left, they will drop down in an area with green flippers and the third Dragon Coin.

Once the player gets the third coin and also gets up higher, they should grab the spring on the right and go back left and make their way up to a lone platform with the fourth Dragon Coin hovering above it. After bouncing up high to get it, they should jump down to the right and jump up to get the fifth Dragon Coin as well. The player should bounce up the green flippers and into the green Warp Pipe, which will take them to the Goal Pole with a Passin' Chuck tossing footballs.

Secret Exit

With a Cape Feather, the player must run on the wide-enough ground after climbing the Beanstalk and fly up to the green Warp Pipe above. They will enter a room with a Passin' Chuck that can also easily be avoided and get to the Goal Pole, which will take them to a Star Road warp to Star World 2.