Vanilla Ghost House is the Ghost House level of Vanilla Dome in the game Super Mario World. This level does not have a secret exit which it shares to Choco-Ghost House. It introduces the Big Bubble as the new enemy.


The two Eeries come from the right-side of the screen coming straight ahead. The Circling Boo Buddies circle the ? Block containing a Mushroom and a Dragon Coin. Eight Boos approach Mario when running. There are Rotating Blocks and a Big Boo within that section. One of the blocks have a Beanstalk which it leads to a brown platform to the Dragon Coin. Otherwise, while going straight ahead, there is a block containing a Cape Feather, even a Big Boo approaching Mario. The Circling Boo Buddies are surrounding a Dragon Coin and a Coin Block. At the end, the door leads to another area.

As Mario/Luigi runs, he approaches Big Bubbles. One of the three blocks contain a P-Switch. The player must not press the P-Switch yet, the player must collect the five coins. If not, they will surround the exit if the P-Switch is pressed. The exit leads outside the mansion where there is a Giant Gate.

Dragon Coins

  • Dragon Coin 1: The Circling Boo Buddies circle around a Dragon Coin which is straight ahead.
  • Dragon Coin 2: The Dragon Coin is somewhere on the section where Boos surround.
  • Dragon Coin 3: Climbing up the beanstalk, run east to the Dragon Coin.
  • Dragon Coin 4: Within the Circling Boo Buddies, jump on top of the Coin Block, and jump to get the Dragon Coin. Do not touch the Circling Boo Buddies.
  • Dragon Coin 5: The coin is nearly to the end of the area.
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