Vanilla Dome 4 is the fourth and final regular level of Vanilla Dome before Lemmy's Castle. Unlike most of the world which has a cave setting, the setting in this level has more like a night sky appearance.


The player starts on top of a collection of mushroom platforms. Just right there, is the first Dragon Coin. Once the player collects it, Mario will jump up the green flipper to jump high on top of blue polka dotted platforms, while avoiding the Bullet Bills that will start to fly around and across the screen. You will next find a Super Mushroom lying on the ground beneath a green flipper, and a red Koopa Paratroopa will be flying near the area. Eventually, you'll find the second Dragon Coin floating above a small gap with an area of green flippers and blue platforms. Mario will get to an area with a ? Block that he can reach with a brown block. The area is on top of a mushroom platform with a single red Koopa Troopa, with another green flipper the player will use to jump up. By continuing more over the mushroom platforms, you will reach the Midway Gate, which is very high up. Mario can however get to the white bar by jumping off of the mushroom platform he was on, and also jump by using the Koopa Paratroopa right next to it. After the pole, the player will reach an area with green flippers with yellow and indigo colored pipes in the middle of both. The pipes are inhabited by Jumping Piranha Plants. Mario has to avoid them, and by going in the purple pipe he will find an underground area.

This underground section has a Skull Raft and is filled with lava underneath. The player has to watch out for the brown blocks that float above and avoid them as they get longer. At the end of the lava is the third Dragon Coin.

Mario will then come out of another indigo pipe and then jump over the mushroom platforms. Beneath a green flipper is the fourth Dragon Coin. The fifth Dragon Coin is just up ahead, and a red Koopa Paratroopa is floating around it. The Goal Pole is right next to it.