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Vanilla Dome 3 is the third level of Vanilla Dome, the third world. The level features a new enemy, Blargg which made its debut in Super Mario World. The level reappears in Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World.


The level starts with Mario/Luigi on the top and to the bottom where the lava river has a Skull Raft floats. When the player rides on it, Mario/Luigi must avoid the two Blarggs. There are also two Question Blocks and Flying ? Blocks. There is a pit where the Skull Raft will fall.

After Mario/Luigi gets off the Skull Raft, there is a yellow pipe where a Jumping Piranha Plant, two purple pipes; one where the pipe is just itself and the other that has a Jumping Piranha Plant, and a Buzzy Beetle.

There is a steep slope, and a Skull Raft awaiting on the lava river. The Flying ? Block flies from the right-hand side of the screen. Next coming, three Blarggs and the raft falls to the bottom of the lava river to the dead end. On the left of the pipe is an invisible ? Block. Between the two orange pipes, a ? Block contains a Cape Feather.

Another Skill Raft idly floats on the lava river, a Blargg also appears. And the player has to jump over and a Buzzy Beetle appears. Some Piranha Plants come out from one of the purple and orange pipes.

Again, the player must ride on the Skull Raft but jump atop where there is a Coin Block, Buzzy Beetle and Piranha Plant from the pipe. After the Skull Raft falls off the screen, the player can either enter the yellow pipe or skip.

Enter the pipe, it is an ice-themed area where it has Buzzy Beetles, Cheep Cheeps and a red Paratroopa. Before exiting through the purple pipe, there is a ? Block containing a Cape Feather.

After exiting to the green pipe, there are four Triangular Blocks leaning against yellow pipes. A checkpoint is between the two pipes while there is a Beach Koopa kicking its red Shell. Above, there are ! Blocks and a ? Block which has the Yoshi Egg.

A Skull Raft is on the lava river. While riding on it, there are two Blarggs. When falling down, another two Blarggs appear. There are plenty of Spike Tops and three pipes. Each land, there are a few Spike Tops.

Another Skull Raft, The player has to jump on the section where there are Piranha Plants. The player is given a chance to reach the point of the Giant Gate.