Vanilla Dome 2 is the second level in Vanilla Dome, and mostly features water pools.


The player first falls into a small pool of water, and a Cheep Cheep can be seen out of water on the ground followed by a Buzzy Beetle. The player will jump into some more and deeper water, and must swim until they find a Beanstalk block, which they should climb up and reach an area with pointy slopes and Buzzy Beetles, with one lone one in a small gap. They would reach an arrow made of coins which also features the first Dragon Coin, that tells them to go down into more water. The player must continue swimming right avoiding the Cheep Cheeps that swim horizontally and vertically. After passing an area with brown opened? Blocks above a row of coins (with three regular ? Blocks below), they will reach an opening above with a singular ? Block on the left side that the player can use to climb up the area and get the second Dragon Coin hovering above. By going left, you will make your way to the secret exit (explained below), but if you go right, you will meet a Chargin' Chuck that will break the blocks and try to get you. By going this way you will find the Checkpoint, as well as a Roulette Block.

After the block is a slope slide with coins and the third Dragon Coin. The player will also come across a P Switch sitting on top of a block that's right beside a wall of opened ? Blocks that will turn into coins once the switch is pressed. Once the player activates the switch, they will find a green Warp Pipe. It should also be noted that there is another (and shorter) way to the pipe, by staying in the water and not jumping up the block.

When the player enters, they will find a Buzzy Beetle wandering, as well as two water areas with coins hovering above it, one with a Cheep Cheep swimming. After an island with a coin block (also with two Buzzy Beetles), the player will jump across a small platform with a Spike Top walking around it, and the purple pipe that will take you back up. The player will exit from an orange pipe, right under four Swoopers. The player should backtrack to the left, avoiding a Chargin' Chuck as well as a few other enemies, to get the fourth Dragon Coin on top of a mountain. After getting it, they should run back and watch for a Chargin' Chuck on a high platformer which will split into three, and pass a small square with a Spike Top and get to the goal pole.

Secret Exit

The player must make their way back to the block towards the end of the water and climb left, grabbing the P Switch and walking in front of brown ? Block wall. Once the switch is activated, the wall will turn into coins, and the player must make their way down an area that was once blocked by the brown ? Blocks. In the area will be the fifth Dragon Coin, and the key. The player should finally get down to the keyhole in the water below and be cautious of the Cheep Cheeps. The secret exit takes you toRed Switch Palace.