"My beauty simply shines forth like the sun!"
― Valentina
Super Mario RPG Statistics: Valentina
Artwork of Valentina.
Location(s) Nimbus Land
Health Points (HP) 2000
Attack 120
Defense 80
Magic Attack 80
Magic Defense 60
Weaknesses None
Dropped Item None
Yoshi Cookie Item None
Psychopath Message "I tell ya, he's NOTHING!"
Dropped Coins 200
Experience Points 120

Valentina is a major villain from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Valentina is a rather tall human that wears a white dress. It also appears that she is wearing a bird-like hat on her head.


Valentina is incredibly power-hungry as she would do everything to gain power. She also treats her servants, more commonly Dodo, unfairly and usually yells at them if something goes wrong. Valentina is also obsessed with her looks.


Valentina is first seen in Nimbus Land where she managed to fool the Nimbus people, or specifically, King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus, into thinking Dodo is Prince Mallow. Valentina then attempted to marry Dodo in order to become the next ruler of Nimbus Land. Upon hearing the Mario and the real Prince Mallow have arrive, Valentina had set up several roadblocks to slow them (such as Birdo in one room). After Valentina's plan has been discovered, she attempts to flee from the castle by leaving though the back entrance. Valentina then attempts to leave Nimbus Land but is stopped by Mario and the others. Seeing no choice, Valentina (joined by Dodo) fights Mario and the others in a battle but ends up losing. Valentina isn't seen again until near the end of the game where it appears that she and Booster got married. Booster suddenly runs away, Valentina runs after him, and Dodo (who was the best man) stands behind confused.


In battle, Valentina is capable of using numerous of special attacks in battle but her deadliest is Petal Blast that can turn Mario's entire party into mushrooms.


Valentina, being a human, has no specific weaknesses so it is recommended to use strong moves against her. Princess Peach is greatly needed for this battle as her Group Hug move can heal everybody. Mario should use his Ultra Jump while Bowser attacks physically.

Special Attacks


  • Oddly, outside of battle, Valentina is about the same size as Mario. However, in battle, she is much taller than him.
  • Valentina casts more spells than any other boss in the game.