Rainbowroad6w Rainbowroad6w 18 August 2012

I've been here for 4 years... gee wiz...

Hey guys. I'm going to be an idiot and make a blog about this and take up as much space as I possibly can...

Yesterday marked my fourth year of existing on this wiki. ...yaaaayyy...

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Rainbowroad6w Rainbowroad6w 5 July 2012


Ok, so guys, a staff blog was just posted saying they are updating Wikia so that it will be compatible with HTML5. One of the codes they said that will no longer work is Now, I'm no coding freak, so I don't know how much of this we have on this wiki, but any coding that is going to be useless in the update must be changed to new coding; the blog said CSS coding works. Check that blog out to see other updates.

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Rainbowroad6w Rainbowroad6w 3 June 2012

Updating Main Page

Decided to blog rather than use a forum. Don't ask why.

It is SO obvious that we need to update the main page. I'm becoming more and more busy as we speak, and I cannot be updating it constantly anymore.

First, we need to update everything. Not some of it. All of it. All of it is totally out of date. We should also notify that the main page is back in business again and ask people to request media, but I haven't seen anything requested, which is probably more than half the reason it hasn't been updated.

Second, I can't do it anymore. At the least, more certainly not all of it. I'm going to need Wattz and Conker to be helping me out here. I'm gone like half of this month and I'm becoming more caught up with my new YouTube series and trying to …

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Rainbowroad6w Rainbowroad6w 14 April 2012


That's right. It's finally done and on iTunes. Link to album: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/edge-of-the-universe/id519060099

It's also my birthday today! Wow, great day to release my album! :D I'm 15.

Also, thought I'd post my newest RTTTA vid.

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Rainbowroad6w Rainbowroad6w 19 September 2011

Powerup! - Super Mario

I know you guys aren't much for blogs, but I thought you might like this (you might consider this a crappy video though).

So me and my cousin decided we were going to start a series called "Powerup!" The first in the series is Super Mario, which I am about to show you. The whole idea is someone thinks they are in a certain video game when they really aren't.

Right now we are in the making of a Metroid video. So far we're happy with it. I wanted to do Sonic next, but he wanted to do something a little more unexpected and begged me to do Metroid, so we're doing that one next. Lol I am the one who thinks I am Samus Aran. I do not try to have a higher voice though (haha!).

I am the guy who's tall and has a lower voice and is mistaken to be Bowser…

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