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  • JosephTheElite

    Mario Creation 13

    January 2, 2015 by JosephTheElite

    Happy 2015!

    Ok, so sorry that I couldn't post on Christmas Day like I said in the previous Mario Creation. I couldn't get anywhere near a computer to write this and post it. I probably should not make any more promises I can't make. Now, I would make a New Years revolution to be better at posting these.... but I wouldn't actually commit to it. But anyways, welcome one and all to Mario Creation 13!

    Christmas was not too long ago! Now what does that mean for the creation for today? Well, it has to be snow themed, but there aren't that many snow enemies... so all I could think of is to build a snowman. I built a Mr. Blizzard.

                                                 The Original to my Mario Creation

    Nothing much about its creation, so thanks…

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  • JosephTheElite

    Mario Creation 12

    December 20, 2014 by JosephTheElite

    Hey guys and welcome to another Mario Creation!

    Tis the season of Winter and Christmas is just around the corner. But this has nothing to do with the festive times, that's for the next Creation. So anyways let's begin!

    This week is another spherical build (there really are a bunch of spherical enemies in the Mario games) so nothing to add to its build. Here's a Bob-omb.

                                                       The Original to the Mario Creation

    The only problem I had in creating this one was getting a good angle to show off the entire build, but I think I got it as best as possible.

    Update time! Since it is now Winter break, I now have time to create many Mario Creations, so I hope to get many out in the coming days. In fact, the next…

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  • JosephTheElite

    Mario Creation 11

    November 1, 2014 by JosephTheElite

    Man, this one was really late, so sorry about that.

    Hello, and welcome back to Mario Creation!

    Ok, so happy Halloween everyone!... ok so I'm a day late, and this build isn't Halloween related, but I can still say it right?

    Well, anyways, not a big build this time, but here's a Mario Coin.

                                                         The Original to the Mario Creation

    Nothing much about it's making this time, so go ahead and take place in this weeks polls! Hopefully I can get it back on a weekly schedule (no promises).

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  • JosephTheElite

    Mario Creation 10

    October 8, 2014 by JosephTheElite

    Hello guys and welcome to the 10th installment of Mario Creation! Wahoo!

    So, yeah I'm pretty excited for this one, because it was made specifically for the end of a great thing.

    A couple of days ago, Brawl in the Family reached its 600th comic, which will forever be its last. I had not known of it until late in its lifespan. Heck, I learned about right here in the Mario Wikia. But alas, all things must come to an end (I kinda wish it ended later though).

    No enough back story, there will be no comparison picture to accommodate my creation this week. But I have created one of the characters from Bitf. I have created the Mushroom Kingdom janitor, Eario.

    So yep, this is my tribute to the small time that I got to share in Bitf. I hope you like it,…

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  • JosephTheElite

    Mario Creation 9

    September 29, 2014 by JosephTheElite

    Hello and welcome to Mario Creation 9!

    Ok, so first off, sorry for the extremely late post tonight, I..... have no excuses (except for school), so let's just go straight into it.

    This was a request made by Dreb607 all the way back in Mario Creation 2, so here it is. Here is the Flagpole.

                                                         The original compared to my creation

    The only problems I had in this one was making the flag look to scale. And that's about it.

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