Derekblue1 Derekblue1 12 August 2020


Hello, fellow MarioWikians! MarioWiki has a new Twitter platform. Hammer that blue "Follow" button to check our recent posts on Twitter. Spread the word to your friends and Mario fans about our new social media!

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Derekblue1 Derekblue1 9 August 2020

Feedback for MarioWiki


Hello, fellow MarioWikians. I am getting feedback from users to help improve wiki experience and activity. Previously, I asked users on Discussions why they came to MarioWiki. Most of the users voted "to discuss and have fun", meaning the wiki attracts most users who like to discuss about Mario.

Years of experimenting success...

MarioWiki has lasted thirteen years. MarioWiki's activity is decent and easygoing, compared to other wikis that have active edits. Users like me noticed MarioWiki is not in a good state. Determined, we experimented different methods of success to make MarioWiki successful, but it fails to attract users and MarioWiki is still in the dumps. As much as I want MarioWiki to become one of the most extremely successful c…

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Derekblue1 Derekblue1 27 April 2020

Keeping forums

Hello, fellow MarioWikians. I didn’t know you couldn’t reply on "archived" forums.

The forums has not been used for 6 years. I am curious if you think we should keep forums. I know we have discussions, but that is where we talk about anything about Mario other than the wiki itself. We can use forums to discuss wiki matters. From what I know, FANDOM merged forums to discussions, but we can convince them that we want to keep forums. To be honest, I think discussions is just an addition. There are wikis (such as Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, WoWWiki and Marvel Database) continuing with forums while using discussions too. For a friendly reminder, don't forget MarioWiki is not a forum hosting site. What are your thoughts of keep forums and discussion…

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Derekblue1 Derekblue1 8 April 2020

UFC wiki migration

Hello, fellow MarioWikians. I recently read a blog from MisterWoodhouse. The blog is about the wiki migration to the Unified Fandom Community Platform. If you have not read the blog, see Volunteering your Fandom wiki for early migration to the Unified Community Platform. I am not excited about the wiki UCP migration, but I learnt there are benefits when setting up the UFC platform. I want to know your opinions about this migration.

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Derekblue1 Derekblue1 2 April 2020

Portals coming soon!

Hello, MarioWikians!

Hello, MarioWikians! The previous blog was not the official blog; the majority of you seemed to fall into the bait. I apologise for the users who did not like the clickbait. Most April Fools jokes are weird today. This time, this is MY official blog. I am going to keep this blog simple.

You may be noticing that there are pages called "Portals". We are in the process of creating portals, please stay in-tune and let us jump in the blog.

What is a portal?

A portal serves as a "Home Page" for specific topics or areas. There is a range of topics on MarioWiki: Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of portal pages is to keep on track of specific articles. This means Portal:Mario & Lu…

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